What Kinds of Mattresses Do Hotels Use? How to Choose Mattresses?

What Kinds of Mattresses Do Hotels Use How to Choose Mattresses

Have you ever considered the types of mattresses used in hotels? Generally, hotels use four kinds of mattresses, they are latex, memory foam, innerspring, and air mattress.

The best mattresses are those that are spotless, and comfortable, and ones that you can lay a weary head down on, regardless of whether you looked at reviews, used a price comparison website or discovered that your favorite celebrity has stayed there.

However, because many of us have professional careers with modest pay, staying in a hotel can be pricey and is typically saved as a special treat or business trip. Understanding the mattress brands that hotels use is therefore a less expensive way to replicate the experience at home.

The majority of guests worry about the bed when they check-in. If so, this article is for you because it covers all the information you require about hotel mattresses.

What Kind of Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

Some of the best mattresses are used in upscale accommodations. If you’ve ever visited one, you already know how cozy it is. Which brand of mattress do upscale hotels use? The materials used to make different types of mattresses vary. Here are the four types of mattresses you can find in five-star hotels.


Textiles are synthetic rubbers that are used in many different contexts. Luxury hotels provide latex mattresses to their guests who prefer a firm yet comfortable mattress because it is great for mattresses.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are another type of mattress that can be found in upscale hotels. This mattress is what you need if you want a soft mattress that will support you in any position. A memory foam mattress absorbs your movements while you sleep, preventing body aches.

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Innerspring mattresses are typically found in upscale lodgings. The mattresses have spring coils underneath the pads, as the name would imply, and these coils offer excellent stability and comfort. They are enduring and frequently used as a result of the spring coils.

Air Mattress

An air mattress is comparable to a typical inflatable mattress. Instead of a large, inflatable mattress, luxury hotels use mattresses with air-filled chambers. The best part is that you can modify it to your preferences, making it a great replacement for spring coils.

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Criteria of Hotel Mattresses

Here are some criteria that make a good hotel mattress:


The majority of mattresses on the market today only have one side. The transition from two-sided to one-sided mattresses was made by mattress manufacturers about 20 years ago in an effort to reduce costs. Due to the ability to flip and rotate the mattress, hotel mattresses are frequently two-sided. But one-sided mattresses are becoming more and more popular as hotels add adjustable base beds to their guestrooms.

Edge Support

A mattress’s edge experiences daily deterioration. For durability’s sake and to prevent you from feeling like you’re rolling out of bed, it’s imperative that this area of the mattress be reinforced.

Durable Coil System

Over time, a mattress’ coil system may deteriorate. Hotels prefer coil designs that are tried and true and are made of steel that has been heat-tempered.

Medium Comfort

Mattresses can feel as firm as the ground or as soft as a pillow. In order to accommodate the widest range of sleepers, hotel mattresses are typically in the middle of this spectrum.

What Kinds of Mattresses Do Hotels Use How to Choose Mattresses
What Kinds of Mattresses Do Hotels Use? How to Choose Mattresses?

The Types of Mattress Five-Star Hotels Use

Here are some of the common mattress types used by these well-known hotel chains, even though the beds in five-star hotels vary.

  1. The luxury hotel mattress offered by Doubletree is flame-resistant.

Another signature bed from DoubleTree was created especially for its hotels (although it is technically still owned by Hilton). The DoubleTree offers the “Sweet Dreams Bed,” which was specially designed and constructed with a movement-reducing foundation so that customers wouldn’t have to worry about slipping around during the night, as well as a supreme quality top. A crucial consideration when dealing with the occasional forgetful or clumsy hotel guest, Doubletree also made the decision to make the mattress flame resistant.

  1. A special memory foam hotel mattress is used by The Fairmont.

Fairmont is a well-known brand in the hotel industry, but it is a relative newcomer in the hotel mattress market. They decided to use a five-star mattress for their standard bed after completely redesigning their beds in 2016. This mattress features therapeutic core support, memory foam, cooling technology, and a plush pillow top. The Fairmont Gold Bed, one of the hotel mattresses for their opulent suites, is another option available at Fairmont. All of the aforementioned features are present on this hotel mattress, in addition to an innerspring mattress and a plush pillow top. With hotel mattresses that blend traditional luxury with cutting-edge bed technology, Fairmont guests can unwind in style and comfort.

  1. A firmness rating can be selected for the mattress at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The Four Seasons has a long history of being associated with opulent accommodations, and this extends to their hotel mattresses as well. The Four Seasons mattress has three firmness levels and temperature control technology to help travelers fall asleep after a long day of sightseeing. In order to ensure that guests leave feeling renewed and supported, this hotel mattress also features pocketed coil motion separation and Geltouch Foam. With this five-star mattress, even the most picky sleeper can get a good night’s rest. Gone are the days of lying awake at night, gazing at the ceiling, and wishing you were in a hotel.

  1. The Peninsula Hotel’s mattresses provide home comforts while traveling.

The Peninsula’s hotels are renowned for their posh, elegant design and are found in exotic, romantic locations like Hong Kong and New York. This includes their hotel mattresses, which are made specifically for each hotel based on its location. That’s correct; the bedding experience varies slightly among hotels. It would be difficult to find a mattress that compares to those at The Peninsula Beverly Hills among all of The Peninsula’s hotel brands. The top of these hotel mattresses, which have an Evernu replaceable mattress top, is made of three layers of plush fabric quilting. Additionally, these hotel beds come with 300-count linens and monogrammed pillowcases, which give traveling the ideal touch of elegance. You’ll need to visit all of The Peninsula’s hotels and spend a night in each one if you want to be certain which mattress in their selection is the best. Anyone would want to take part in this challenge, it seems!

  1. Marriott gives guests a choice of two mattresses from which to choose.

The Marriott Bed is the imaginative name for the mattress used by the Marriott hotel chain. Guests typically like this bed because the memory foam they use doesn’t leave you with a “sinking” feeling that some other hotel mattresses sometimes exhibit, especially when using a traditional spring mattress. This avoids the uncomfortable situation of collapsing into your partner while they are sleeping next to you. Sometimes a small area works great. If you prefer a mattress that is even firmer, Marriott also provides a second luxury mattress called the Innerspring. A more difficult mattress sleeper was specifically considered when designing this traditional spring mattress.

Why Do Hotel Beds Feel So Good?

Hotel beds feel so good and comfortable for three major reasons:

  • The setup of consistent efforts, labor, and expenses that go into hotel rooms is extensive.

When you check-in a hotel with an intention of escaping from everyday chores, one ideology that remains the same between you and your hotel is to make you feel like home, away from home. Having said that, hotel beds are more than just a mattress; they’re a whole experience that involves a lot of consistent effort, work, and expense. From the bed linens, pillows, cushions, comforters, blankets, towels, to room service and routine maintenance, hotel stays are a complete package that liberates you and helps you fall asleep relaxed.

  • Travel

Our bodies generally exert more physical effort than we anticipate while traveling, especially our shoulders, backs, necks, and legs. A restful night’s sleep on a soft, supportive, and firm mattress is the only cure for body fatigue while traveling. Hotel beds are excellent at providing just that. Hotel mattresses offer extended support to the body that is appropriately comforted when sleeping. A hotel mattress provides the feather-like, cozy support that the built-up physical stress and exhaustion require remarkably well.

  • Difference in Mattress Construction

Because of how the mattresses are made, hotel beds are also incredibly comfortable. They are designed to fit an infinite variety of body types. In terms of the user’s overall experience, a mattress’ construction is crucial.



What Mattresses Does the Hilton Use?

Have you ever wondered what kind of mattress Hilton uses?’ Here is all the information you require if you intend to stay at the Hilton Hotel and want to learn more about the mattresses they use. Usually, two mattress brands are used by the Hilton Hotel. One is manufactured by Serta, and the other is by Tempur-Sealy.

Serta mattresses are used in the Hilton Hotel’s Serenity beds. It’s important to note that the company, if you are unfamiliar with it, provides mattresses for prestigious hotels like the Marriott Hotel. When you lie down on the Serenity bed, you can immediately feel how comfortable and high-quality the mattresses are because they are made to meet the standards of the Hilton Hotel.

Additionally, the Hilton Hotel has a number of beds with Tempur-Sealy mattresses. Comfort, durability, and simplicity of upkeep are the three main focuses of this upscale bed collection. The materials, foam, and design are all of the highest caliber, and the mattresses also have the excellent feature of being water resistant.


Why is DreamCloud Better Than a Hotel Mattress?

Without breaking the bank, DreamCloud offers a wide selection of firm, long-lasting, and opulent mattresses. Your downtime can become something you anticipate every night with our colorful selection of beds. Here are some justifications for why DreamCloud is superior to hotel bedding.

  • 365–Night Trial
  • Forever Warranty
  • Free Shipping and Returns
  • 0% APR Financing
  • Risk-free Sleep Trial

A DreamCloud mattress, thanks to its exceptional design and use of premium materials, offers comfort, convenience, and peace of mind at a price that is more affordable than a stay in a hotel that may last a few days, weeks, or even a whole month.

A DreamCloud mattress, unlike hotel mattresses, is made of:

  • Cashmere top that is bound to make you keep you cool even on a hard summer night and make you feel soft, downy, and happy every time you lie over it.
  • It is 15 inches thick whereas others are only about 12 inches thick. It is thick enough to make you feel bouncy in the heart with a controlled motion on the bed every time your little ones delve into a pillow fight.
  • Unlike other mattress brands available online, DreamCloud comes with a forever warranty so that there’s no expense incurred throughout.
  • It is made of combinational foams and best-in-class materials to give you a tight slumber with minimal motion transfer all night long.
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