The Ultimate Bed Sheet Sizes Guide You’ll Ever Need

Bed Sheet

You’ve draped two corners of the bed sheet over your mattress and carefully tucked them beneath its weight. You must now wrangle the final two. Even when you use all of your power to stretch them far enough, the sheets do not fit. You purchased the incorrect sheet size.

Fortunately, this issue is simple to resolve. There are standard bed sheet sizes that you may use while shopping for new sheets. Buying secondhand? You may rapidly measure the sheets to ensure they are the correct size. Our article explains the optimal sheet sizes for each type of bed.

Bed Sheet Sizes Chart

Sheet SizeInchesCentimeters
California King
Fitted Sheet73 in x 85 in x 15 in185 cm x 216 cm x 338 cm
Flat Sheet111 in x 114 in280 cm x 290 cm
Fitted Sheet73 in x 80 in x 15 in185 cm x 203 cm x 38 cm
Flat Sheet110 in x 114 in280 cm x 290 cm
Fitted Sheet60 in x 80 in x 15 in152 cm x 203 cm x 38 cm
Flat Sheet92 in x 108 in230 cm x 260 cm
Fitted Sheet54 in x 76 in x 15 in137 cm x 193 cm x 38 cm
Flat Sheet87 in x 102 in220 cm x 260 cm
Twin XL
Fitted Sheet39 in x 80 in x 14 in99 cm x 203 cm x 36 cm
Flat Sheet72 in x 114 in180 cm x 290 cm
Fitted Sheet39 in x 76 in x 14 in99 cm x 193 cm x 36 cm
Flat Sheet72 in x 102 in180 cm x 260 cm

Mattress size

Twin Size Bed: 39” x 75” | Twin Size Sheets: 38”W x 75”L

Twin XL Bed: 39” x 80” | Twin XL Sheets: 38”W x 80”L

Full Size Bed: 54” x 75” | Full Size Sheets: 53”W x 75” L

Queen Size Bed: 60” x 80” | Queen Size Sheets: 60”W x 80”L

King Size Bed: 76” x 80” | King Size Sheets: 76”W x 80”L

California King: 72” x 84” | California King Sheets: 72”W x 84”L

The table above will assist you in determining which sheet sizes fit each standard mattress size. If you have a non-standard mattress size or additional mattress toppers, you may need to calculate the correct size depending on your individual specifications.

The measurements for each sheet size are listed below. Keep in aware that Casper sheet sizes may vary slightly from standard sheet sizes.

Mattress Thickness

Make sure you know the depth of your mattress before purchasing linens. The depth of your mattress refers to its thickness and size from top to bottom. This is critical to understand while shopping for new sheets since it may affect the fit of ordinary sheets. Mattress depth is classified in the following ways:

  • Standard mattress height: 7 to 12 inches
  • Mattress depth: 13 to 17 inches high
  • Extra Deep Mattresses are 18 to 25 inches tall.

Once you’ve determined the right sheet size for your bed, the following information will assist you in selecting the ideal, warm bedding for a restful night’s sleep!

Sheets of various types

Do you know the difference between a fitted and a flat sheet? Here’s a short rundown of the many sorts of sheets you’ll come across when shopping for bedding.

Sheets that fit

A fitted sheet is made to fit snugly over your mattress. The corners are usually elasticized to assist the sheet hold the mattress.

Fitted sheets must be precisely tailored to fit the measurements of the mattress. The fitted sheet will slip off if it is too large. You’ll have problems putting the elastic over the mattress corners if it’s too narrow.

Sheets for a Flat Bed

Flat bed sheets, as the name implies, are intended to lie flat on the mattress. They should be bigger than the surface of the mattress. The excess cloth is then tucked beneath the mattress.


A duvet, not a comforter, is a thick blanket stuffed with down, feathers, wool, silk, or synthetic material. Duvets require a duvet cover sheet that can be removed for cleaning. This bedding is placed on top of the bed and drapes slightly over the mattress’s edge.

Skirt for the bed

Finally, a bed skirt is a piece of cloth that wraps around the base of the mattress. Its purpose is to conceal the space between the mattress and the floor. This allows you to conceal the boxspring and any other goods stored beneath your bed.

How Do You Take Fitted Sheet Measurements?

If you’re still unclear whether a fitted sheet will fit your mattress, simply measure it.

a hand measuring a fitted sheet with a tape measure

Remove any bed linens and measure the width and length of your mattress. Then, take the height of your mattress, taking into account any mattress toppers. Make a note of these measurements. Your fitted sheet should be the same size as or slightly larger than these measurements.

Then, from corner to corner, measure the shorter side. This is the length. Finally, measure along the pocket seam of the fitted sheet. This will tell you how tall you are.

The fitted sheet should fit if these measures are equal to or slightly greater than your mattress measurement. If they are significantly larger, the sheet may bunch up and fall off throughout the night. The sheet will not fit if they are any smaller.

  • June 25, 2022