13 Best Hamster Bedding In 2023 [Updated]

13 Best Hamster Bedding In 2022 [Updated]

The best hamster bedding include Living World Aspen Wood Shavings, Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Bedding, Oxbow Pure Comfort Small Animal Bedding, OleyHemp Oh! Small Pet Hemp Bedding, Bunny Bedding Odor Control, Carefresh Natural Paper Small Pet Bedding, Kaytee Clean & Cozy Bedding…

Let’s start by discussing the best hamster bedding.

To find the bedding that works best for your pet, you may want to try out a few different types, or even a combination of types. Some hamsters prefer particular types of bedding.

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Best Hamster Bedding

Living World Aspen Wood Shavings For Small Animals

Living World Aspen Wood Shavings For Small Animals
Living World Aspen Wood Shavings For Small Animals

Contrary to other wood shaving beddings made of pine or cedar, Living World Wood Aspen Shavings is made entirely of natural aspen wood, making it extremely safe for your hamster and the environment.

It is incredibly absorbent and can effectively absorb up to four times its weight in moisture and mess, which makes cleanup a breeze. It is also devoid of synthetic fragrances and harsh oils, so your hamster shouldn’t experience any respiratory issues as a result of using it.

Living World Wood Aspen Shavings is also a good bedding option for hamsters with respiratory issues because it is very gentle on their tiny lungs, according to hamster owners. There are several explanations for this, but the main two are that it is hypoallergenic and almost entirely dust-free.


  • All-natural and non-toxic (it is even safe for your hamster to chew on it)
  • It is highly absorbent and helps trap odors in between cleaning
  • It is an affordable bedding


  • Wood shavings are one of the more messy hamster bedding materials

Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Bedding For Being Soft

Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Bedding For Being Soft
Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Bedding For Being Soft

Consider Kaytee Extreme Odor Control bedding, which helps keep offensive smells to a minimum for up to fourteen days, if you find yourself particularly worried about your hamster’s odors but don’t want to jeopardize their health with strong scents. The only drawback is that the bedding itself has a strange odor.

This bedding also has the advantage of being incredibly soft, so your hamster should still feel completely at ease burrowing and digging in it. This is fantastic because, sometimes, the beddings that work the best at reducing odors are also among the scratchiest and least cozy for hamsters. Not so with Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Bedding.

Your hamster won’t be content, healthy, or comfortable if he has trouble breathing due to dust. This is not an issue with this bedding because the manufacturer has promised that their formula removes 99.9% of the dust.

This is yet another top-notch bedding choice from Kaytee. The only slight drawback to this dust- and odor-free cage is that the tiny blue bits make it a little bit trickier to do your daily spot cleaning inside the cage because you might mistake your hamster’s waste for a piece of fresh bedding, and vice versa.


  • Completely safe and comfortable for small pets like hamsters
  • Super absorbent and odor minimizing (stays fresh for up to 14 days)
  • 99.9% dust-free


  • The bedding itself has a smell that some people do not like

Oxbow Pure Comfort Small Animal Bedding

Oxbow Pure Comfort Small Animal Bedding
Oxbow Pure Comfort Small Animal Bedding

Oxbow’s soft, all-natural bedding has a lot of advantages. It is excellent at getting rid of odors that can accumulate over time in your hamster’s enclosure, to start. As a result, you will be able to go longer between cage cleanings without worrying that your hamster’s odor will permeate the entire space.

It is also very absorbent to use Oxbow Pure Comfort Small Animal Bedding. When compared to less absorbent beddings that allow mess and moisture to fall straight through to the bottom of the enclosure, it is said to be up to eight times more absorbent of moisture and mess.

Oxbow also regularly tests the purity of its paper and bedding to ensure that none of it contains any additives before it is put into your hamster’s enclosure.


  • Helps eliminate odor to extend the time between cleaning
  • Absorbs up to eight times its weight in moisture
  • Completely additive-free


  • On the more expensive end

OleyHemp Oh! Small Pet Hemp Bedding

OleyHemp Oh! Small Pet Hemp Bedding
OleyHemp Oh! Small Pet Hemp Bedding

The OleyHemp Oh! Small Pet Hemp Bedding is one of the most unusual hamster beddings on this list because it is made of hemp rather than any of the more conventional materials. Although it might not be the first material that comes to mind when you think of hamster bedding, it is actually one of the best.

Hemp is very absorbent, to start. In fact, they discovered that this hemp-based bedding is 7 times more absorbent than non-clay-based litters. It is safe for your hamster and can be flushed down the toilet when it’s time to clean it out because it does not climb when it absorbs moisture.

Considering how soft and chemical-free it is, it is also excellent for digging. Additionally, it is excellent at controlling heat, so it will keep your hamster warm if your room gets chilly at night, particularly in the winter.


  • Flushable, which makes cleaning up really easy
  • Super-absorbent but does not clump
  • Soft and warm, which makes it great for burrowing


  • Because of the smaller bag, it is one of the more expensive bedding options

Bunny Bedding Odor Control For Small Pets

Bunny Bedding Odor Control For Small Pets
Bunny Bedding Odor Control For Small Pets

Despite the name “bunny bedding,” this bedding is actually a great choice for a variety of small animals, including hamsters. First of all, it is made of fibers from coconut husks, which are completely eco-friendly, safe, and comfortable for your pet. Simply throw the bedding in the compost or your garden after cleaning out your hamster’s cage.

In terms of both moisture and smell, it is also very absorbent.) In fact, it is so effective at reducing odors that it even works for ferrets, which are notorious for having strong odors. The fact that it is compressed when it is in the bag and expands to provide you with enough bedding to last you a long time makes it durable.

Given that it is made of coconut husk, the only drawback is its brownish color. As a result, you might just need to replace the majority of the bedding on a regular basis rather than easily spot cleaning where your hamster has messed up.


  • Coconut husk fibers are safe for your hamster and eco-friendly
  • Good and absorbing both moisture and odors
  • One bag should last you a long time


  • The brown color makes it difficult to spot clean

Carefresh Natural Paper Small Pet Bedding With Odor Control

Carefresh Natural Paper Small Pet Bedding With Odor Control
Carefresh Natural Paper Small Pet Bedding With Odor Control

Hamsters, chinchillas, rats, and guinea pigs can all use the Carefresh. The use of recycled fiber in the bedding has many advantages. One way recycling helps the environment is by reducing waste. Additionally, compared to many other materials, the fibers are softer and more efficient.

It is twice as absorbent as shavings and other comparable materials and has odor-absorbing properties for up to 10 days. Additionally, the Carefresh doesn’t dust or crumble in the same way that other bedding components do, which makes cleanup much simpler.

Sadly, the luxurious fibers might be too dense. Burrowing hamsters may find it challenging to navigate the fluffy material.


  • Can be used for several different pets
  • Recycled fiber
  • Softer than most bedding material
  • Odor absorption for 10 days
  • 2x as absorbent as comparable materials


  • May be too thick for borrowing

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Bedding – Best Value

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Bedding – Best Value
Kaytee Clean & Cozy Bedding – Best Value

Our top hamster bedding for the money is the Kaytee. The buyer on a budget will love this product because it is reasonably priced. The bedding is made of paper shreds and is twice as absorbent as shavings of wood.

It also has the advantage of being 99 percent dust-free, which makes maintaining a relatively clean habitat simple. For animals that like to burrow, the materials’ availability in a variety of colors and the ease with which the strands can be moved through them make them ideal.

Unfortunately, odor absorption is not as effective as we would like to believe. To prevent odor buildup, you might find yourself replacing this bedding more frequently than you would normally, which could ultimately work against its value.


  • Affordable
  • 99% dust-free
  • Available in different colors
  • Good for borrowing pets


  • Odor absorption leaves something to be desired

Vitakraft Fresh World Ultra Strength Small Animal Bedding

Vitakraft Fresh World Ultra Strength Small Animal Bedding
Vitakraft Fresh World Ultra Strength Small Animal Bedding

You can use your bedding for longer than with comparable packages thanks to the Vitakraft’s 14 days of odor absorption. When the paper strands are unwrapped, they further expand, making the material extremely absorbent and more comfortable for your pet to move around in.

The paper is entirely compostable and biodegradable, making it perfect for the environmentally conscious consumer. The paper is soft, unbleached, and free of baking soda, making it ideal for those who want to keep the cage as natural as possible.

Unfortunately, we discovered that one of the manufacturer’s claims was not entirely true. Although they assert that their product is 99.5% dust-free, we found quite a few crumbs in the bag we tested. Even though not all bags will be packaged in this manner, it is still something to be aware of.


  • Two weeks of odor absorption
  • Super absorbent for waste
  • Natural paper
  • Easy for pets to move around in


  • Comes with a lot more dust than advertised

Healthy Pet Natural Bedding For Easy To Move Through

Healthy Pet Natural Bedding For Easy To Move Through
Healthy Pet Natural Bedding For Easy To Move Through

The Healthy Pet is a 14-liter bag made of tightly crushed paper strands that expand when wet for improved absorption and greater utility. When the materials are unfolded, the strands have a long-term moisture absorption capacity of three times their weight. Also cushioned and convenient to move through, the strands.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues. For starters, the fabric is not nearly as soft as many of the other choices on our list. You will probably need to replace it frequently because it does a poor job of handling odor.


  • 14-liter bag
  • Expands when exposed to moisture
  • Absorbs 3X its weight
  • Easy to move through


  • The material can be a little scratchy
  • Not great at odor absorption

SUNSEED Fresh World Bedding Of Recycled Paper

SUNSEED Fresh World Bedding Of Recycled Paper
SUNSEED Fresh World Bedding Of Recycled Paper

The Sunseed is a reasonably priced piece of recycled paper bedding. It uses baking soda to absorb odors rather than harsh chemicals, making it safe for your pet to use. The materials can absorb up to three times their weight in moisture and are lightweight for easy movement.

Unfortunately, we also noticed that the paper was much tougher than we usually like to see. Even though your hamster is unlikely to complain, you should be aware that there are alternatives that are more comfortable.


  • Baking soda
  • Non-toxic
  • 3X moisture reduction


  • May be uncomfortable for your pet

FiberCore Eco-bedding For A Very Moderate Price

FiberCore Eco-bedding For A Very Moderate Price
FiberCore Eco-bedding For A Very Moderate Price

The 4.5-pound bag of FiberCore Eco-Bedding is sold at a very affordable price. The material, which is made of recycled paper, can be composted to have a smaller negative environmental impact. In terms of absorbing moisture, 36 liters expand a lot as well, acting more like 125 liters.

This bedding is near the bottom of our list due to a few issues, though. For starters, the paper’s fibers have a propensity to entangle themselves, trapping your pet. It’s also very challenging to clean the bedding incrementally because of this aspect of it.

If you tend to take out bedding as soon as you see a mess, you’ll end up taking out much larger clumps of paper than you intended.


  • 36 liters
  • Highly absorbent
  • Can be composted


  • Bedding can snag paws of pet
  • Hard to clean incrementally

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Small Animal Bedding

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Small Animal Bedding
Kaytee Clean & Cozy Small Animal Bedding

Our top pick for bedding is this one. Although almost all hamsters would adore this incredibly cozy bedding, Campbell Russian hamsters are a great choice because they typically live in dry, grassy areas and this bedding is a perfect match for the grass and sheep wool bedding that they would find there.

Many beddings that resemble grass and sheep wool have the drawback of being made of fluff, which can be harmful to hamsters. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Small Animal Bedding is made of paper-based materials, making it completely safe while still emulating what your hamster will probably want to burrow in instinctively.

Furthermore, it is 99.5% dust-free, extremely absorbent, and helps reduce odors.


  • No dyes, bleaches, or harsh chemicals
  • Mimics materials that hamsters in the wild use to create nests and burrows
  • Super absorbent and odor minimizing


  • Does have some fragrances which can irritate some hamsters

The substantial amount of bedding you receive for the cost really impressed us. To ensure there are no large clumps of bedding in your hamster cage, you should gently toss the bedding around the cage for a few seconds after removing it from the bag because it is quite compressed inside. Our hamsters thrive in this bedding, and it didn’t cause any allergies or coughing.

The pack is large enough to last for at least three months; all that is required is daily spot cleaning and monthly complete bedding replacement. The white bedding is another plus because it makes any feces or urine easy to see and remove.

Small Pet Select Unbleached White Paper Bedding

Small Pet Select Unbleached White Paper Bedding
Small Pet Select Unbleached White Paper Bedding

Paper fibers make for excellent bedding for creatures that enjoy burrowing. Since paper fibers are so soft, your hamster won’t experience any skin irritation as he burrows into the bedding. The dust-free nature of Small Pet Select Paper Bedding ensures that your hamster can rest peacefully throughout the night without experiencing any breathing difficulties.

The fact that this bedding expands three times its original size means you won’t need to buy new bedding on a regular basis. This makes it the ideal bedding for your hamster if you want to give it a tank-style enclosure with lots of room to burrow, tunnel, and dig.

This bedding has never been bleached or processed with harsh chemicals, so it is still completely safe. Additionally, because it is all white, it is very easy to see any soiled areas and spot clean them rather than having to replace the entire set.


  • Expands up to 3x its size, so know you are getting a lot for your money
  • Made from soft, safe paper fibers that your hamster will love to burrow in
  • White coloring makes it super easy to spot clean, so you do not have to completely change it out


  • Does not offer much in terms of odor control

Safe Hamster Bedding

Natural burrowers, hamsters can occasionally dig down 0.7 meters. It’s crucial to offer a secure substrate material that enables appropriate burrowing and nesting.

Place a very small piece of the bedding in a small dish of water to see if it is safe for your hamster. You should be able to see the bedding easily disintegrate in the water because it should be water-soluble. This is due to the fact that hamsters frequently pouch materials to construct their nests, so if your hamster were to inadvertently ingest a small piece of bedding, you would want it to do so naturally and without any harm.

Can Hamsters Eat Wood Shavings?

Both yes and no, is the answer. It greatly depends on the kind of wood used. For instance, cedar and pine wood shavings are extremely dangerous for hamsters because they are frequently shaved too finely, which can lead to respiratory issues. The most secure and well-liked shavings for hamsters are those from aspens. See more about Best Bedding For Guinea Pigs

Can I Use Bedding Designed For Other Pets?

Yes, you will discover that many items created for one type of small animal can be used for other types of small animals. For instance, a cage advertised for a rabbit may occasionally be used for a gerbil. The type of bedding you buy for your hamster should also fit this criteria. It’s possible that you’ll like a particular kind of bedding that is promoted for gerbils, rabbits, ferrets, etc., best for your hamster.

Start by looking for hamster beddings, but pay more attention to details like the material the bedding is made of rather than the small animal it is advertised for. Make sure it can still provide for all the various needs your hamster has for bedding, though.

Beddings Types To Avoid

While there are many secure hamster bedding options available, there are some bedding products on the market that you ought to stay away from.

Scented Beddings

While scented beddings are meant to mask some of the odors associated with hamster ownership, your small pet’s delicate nose may find them to be too overpowering. These fragrant beddings contain a lot of synthetic chemicals, which can cause your hamster’s respiratory problems. While buying scented bedding might seem like a good idea, it is much better to buy safe bedding and keep odors to a minimum by routinely cleaning your hamster’s cage.

Cat Litter

Although some hamster owners use cat litter as bedding, there are potential issues with this practice. Plain cat litter pellets can aid in odor abatement when used as a base for bedding. Add plenty of cozy bedding that your hamster can burrow into to finish it off. Use of scented and clumping cat litter should be avoided because if your hamster ingests it or puts it in his cheek pouches, it could choke or even die.

Fluffy Bedding

A lot of pet stores sell fluffy bedding, which may sound appealing. Unfortunately, your hamster’s health could be seriously endangered by this bedding, which is occasionally sold as nesting material. Artificial fibers, which can result in internal blockages if eaten, are frequently used to make fluffy bedding. Additionally, hamsters can potentially hurt themselves by getting their limbs tangled in this kind of bedding.

Best Hamster Bedding
Best Hamster Bedding

Pine And Cedar Shavings

As was previously mentioned, you ought to stay away from using pine or cedar shavings. They irritate the bronchial tubes and are sharp.

Bedding Materials To Avoid

Sadly, many pet stores offer potentially harmful hamster bedding. For these frequently encountered items that you ought to avoid picking up, be sure to read the label:

Cat Litter

typical cat litter is difficult for hamsters to digest. Cat litter is not the most comfortable material for hamster feet in any case, but I will make an exception for wood- or paper-based litters if they are FDA-approved.


while this may seem like a natural material that hamsters would enjoy, straw can splinter into harmful pieces that prick your hamster when he walks across his bedding. Due to its lack of absorption, it can become moldy.

Untreated Cedar Shavings

untreated shavings, such as cedar, contain sharp edges and aromatic oils that cause respiratory issues for your pet.


As I previously stated, dust is a significant issue when purchasing bedding. Your pet’s respiratory system could suffer severe damage if this material is used in a rodent cage.

Untreated Corn Cob

Corn cobs are a haven for dangerous mold, unlike paper or wood products that withstand moisture and keep the cage clean and dry. Before you buy, make sure they have been treated and are FDA-approved for use as bedding.


Although cotton’s fluffy appearance makes it seem safe to eat, it is a toxic substance that should never be given to hamsters.

Bedding Tips

Dusty Bedding

Some bedding types, particularly those made of paper, have a tendency to become “dusty.” To avoid this, you should use a handheld sieve to quickly sort through small amounts of bedding before adding it to your hamster’s cage. Try placing your dusty bedding into a netted laundry bag and shaking it vigorously to sort through larger quantities at once. Please, if possible, carry out this activity outside or in a location that will be simple to tidy up after.

Freezing Bugs

To get rid of any dangerous bugs that might be hiding in the bedding, freezing it is advised in some countries. Even though these creatures are uncommon in Singapore, if you choose to freeze your bedding, be sure to let it thaw out completely before putting it in your hamster’s cage; you don’t want it to catch a cold.

Best Hamster Bedding
Best Hamster Bedding

Digging Zone

It is advisable to designate a specific digging area inside the cage for your hamster. As a result, your hamster would have a designated area to burrow and “deep dive” in.

Try gradually adding layers to the bedding in the cage so that it eventually resembles a mountain range for your hamster.

Choose White

Although there are many different colors for hamster bedding, white is the HSS-recommended color. This is due to the fact that it facilitates easy potty spot observation, which leads to easier cleaning and better potty training results.

Most of the HSS-approved bedding companies that are offered in Singapore and mentioned in this article (such as Unscented white bedding is available from Kaytee Clean & Cozy, Carefresh, and Oxbow Pure Comfort.

Decorate With Napkins

Party napkins come in a variety of vibrant hues and patterns, and they also happen to make excellent hamster cage decorations. With a few party napkins, try giving your hamster’s cage some extra flavor and spice. Most party supply shops and home/furniture retailers, including Ikea, carry them, and they are frequently priced affordably there. To facilitate use by your hamster, shred them into smaller pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Clean A Hamster Cage?

Cleaning is not frequently required for hamsters. If toilet areas are cleaned as needed, it is possible to leave a cage with an ethical minimum size of 4000 cm sq (620 sq inches) for a month. According to the specifics of the size and layout, larger setups may go between cleanouts for three to six months. However, it is crucial to regularly check a cage to ensure it is in good condition if it will be left that long between cleanings (for example, every day). there is no rotting food, any damp corners are removed, that there are no problems with stashes/caching behaviour etc.).

When the cage is fully cleaned, it is important to leave at least ¼ of old substrate to sprinkle back around the cage. The hamsters won’t become stressed because their home will continue to smell familiar.

To prevent stress or escape, move the hamster to a safe carrier before cleaning the cage or even checking it over.

How Should I Prepare My Pine And Cedar Shavings For Bedding?

Some pine bedding for hamsters has larger wood pieces that could hurt or scratch the feet of your hamster. Before I use the bedding to line the cage, I make sure to go through and remove any large shards that I find there.

Because they release phenols that cause respiratory problems for your pet, cedar and pine wood shavings can also be hazardous. As long as they’re kiln-dried, a process that eliminates dust and aromatic oils, these woods can be used as secure hamster bedding.

I ensured that they use kiln-dried wood before putting the Living World Pine Shavings bedding to the test. You should use pine wood shavings produced by reputable companies that treat their raw materials well, in my opinion.

How Deep Should The Hamster Bedding Be?

Since hamsters like to burrow, the bedding’s general depth rule has always been “the deeper, the better.” In the past, we have tended to aim for at least 5 inches (13 cm), but we are aware that many knowledgeable hamster owners would prefer between 5-8 in (12–20 cm), particularly if you have a Syrian.

How much bedding are hamsters supposed to need in light of that? We recommend makingthe hamster bedding at least 7 in (18 cm) deep or more. With this much bedding, your hamster can dig a burrow or create a warm sleeping area or conceal their hoarded food.

But make sure there is plenty of space between the cage top cover and the top of the bedding. Your hamster may escape or hang from the ceiling if it climbs to the ceiling using the bedding as a platform. This is bad for them because falling accidents.

Should I Forbid My Hamster To Eat His Bedding?

You generally don’t want to allow your hamster to eat his bedding. Even though you should purchase safe, non-toxic bedding, if your hamster consumes a lot of paper or wood shavings, it can still result in issues.

Timothy hay bedding is something you might want to think about purchasing if your hamster frequently eats his bedding. Timothy hay is edible to hamsters, so your pet can eat as much of the bedding as he likes.

How Deep Should The Mattress Be? 

The bedding for your hamster should completely encircle the cage and leave plenty of room for burrowing. Better bedding results from deeper bedding. Fun fact: German-style hamster cages have bedding depths of up to 50 cm!

Research by the Division of Animal Housing and Welfare of the Vetsuisse Faculty at the University of Berne has demonstrated that Syrian hamster welfare is improved in cages with deep bedding depths (40 cm deep and more).

Hamsters kept in cages with less bedding exhibited more tendencies to chew on wires and more running wheel activity.

This is especially useful if you have a hamster that is not potty trained. Adequate hamster bedding depth in conjunction with the proper cage size also ensures better odor control.

How Much Bedding Should You Provide Your Hamster?

The more you purchase of the hamster-safe materials mentioned above, the better, as hamsters enjoy digging and tunneling.

How Often Should You Change The Bedding For Your Hamster?

The dirty bedding should be removed every day, but you should replace all of the bedding once a week. Each month, clean the entire habitat.

What is the Best Bedding for a Syrian Hamster?

  • Aspen shavings. …
  • Bedding made of paper…
  • Hemp bedding. …
  • Scented bedding. …
  • Sawdust made of cedar and pine. …
  • Fluffy bedding.

Best Hamster Bedding for Burrowing

Hemp shavings are an excellent hypoallergenic choice for humans and pets who suffer from respiratory problems. The material is made of organic material and is soft and comfortable for burrowing (yet firm enough to keep burrowed tunnels stable), very absorbent, generally affordable and environmentally friendly.

Best Hamster Bedding for Odor Control

Aspen shavings

Aspen is the only safe wood-based bedding that you can use for your hamster. It is also inexpensive, absorbent, and excellent at odor control.

DIY Hamster Bedding

To make safe bedding for your hamster, cut some plain, dry white paper into thin strips. You can also rip up paper towels or toilet paper that is simply white. Hamsters like to use torn cardboard strips as bedding.

Is Paper Bedding Good for Hamsters?

Paper-based bedding is arguably the most popular and widely used type of hamster bedding. It is typically available in a variety of colors so you can personalize your hamster’s cage. It is soft and comfortable.

The End

All things considered, picking the proper bedding for your hamster is crucial because it gives it a secure and appropriate environment to burrow and nest to its heart’s content. Hamsters that are content and healthy have safe and comfortable bedding!

Please read our next article if you’re interested in finding out more about how we compiled our list of suggested beddings and why some types are deemed dangerous.

Feel free to post a comment if you have any queries. Thank you for reading!

  • December 2, 2022