Panel Bed Vs Platform Bed: How to Distinguish Both?

Panel Bed Vs Platform Bed How to Distinguish Both

A new bed may be what you’re looking for. If you want more comfort while sleeping, Panel Bed vs Platform Bed? This article aims to guide you in making the best bed decision possible.

The main distinction between panel and platform beds is that the latter do not need a box spring or mattress foundation.

Panel beds, platform beds, and significant distinctions between these two bed bases will all be covered in this article. Your new panel or platform bed will soon have you sleeping like a queen or king.

What is a Panel Bed?

Panel Bed
Panel Bed

A panel bed has a strong base, two side panels, and a headboard. It simply has a sturdy structure with four walls that allows it to support large mattresses and box springs. Users can sleep comfortably and awake feeling rested thanks to the support that a panel bed gives the mattress.

The substantial headboard is crafted from a panel of solid wood or metal. The entire setup is more breathable thanks to the base’s slatted wood bard panels. This prolongs both the mattress’s life and the stability of its foundation.

How comfortable are panel beds? Yes, a panel bed frequently requires a box spring in addition to a mattress for added comfort. That has long been a tradition, dating back to the introduction of the first panel beds.

What is a Platform Bed?

Platform Bed
Platform Bed

Platform beds have low and sturdy bases for holding a mattress without needing a box spring. Most platform beds sit a little lower than other types of beds. You can avoid using a mattress foundation when using a platform.

On a platform bed, you must use a box spring, though, if you want to increase the height of your bed overall. If not, the bed will continue to be quite low, which will make it difficult for you to sit on.

Panel Bed Vs Platform Bed

That is the question—or at least the opening statement to many questions—to panel or to platform.

Is there a headboard or not? Flexibility or durability? Do you prefer to sleep high or low?

Let’s break down the key elements that bed owners should think about before choosing between the various bed types to make the decision process easier.


Due to differences in material, size, and quality, all bed bases have varying prices. There are many models available in panel and platform designs that are within your price range.

However, as a rule of thumb, panel beds tend to be pricier than platform beds for a few reasons:

  • They usually have a more intricate designwith their wooden or metal support beams.
  • Panel beds often come with decorative features—headboards, footboards, railings—that add to the overall price.
  • Theyrequire box springs or mattress foundations (remember to tack that onto your budget).

Whichever option you select, you should think about a bed base that is inexpensive to maintain. Otherwise, instead of finding comfort in your bed, you’ll be stressing yourself out.

Size & Space

Is it a problem when you sit up and knock the ceiling fan in your stylish city apartment? Or are you attempting to fill a big room?

Size and available space are key considerations when deciding between a platform bed and a standard bed. Both models typically offer a variety of height options. A higher height is added to panel beds by the necessary box spring or mattress foundation. However, platform beds have a lower profile due to their straightforward, mattress-only construction. To raise a platform bed, you have a lot of options if you prefer a taller bed height.

A bed’s size should match your physical comfort and the available space in your room, whether it is panel or platform.


Some people prefer a marshmallow-like feel in their beds, while others love a rock-hard one. Between panel and platform beds, each type holds a few key differences for sleep comfort:

  • Breathability– Wood slats in a box spring bed allow for more airflow, which results in a cooler night’s sleep. Platform beds retain more heat because they are less breathable.
  • Firmness– Spaced out panels give more “bounce” or flexibility to a traditional bed. Choose a contemporary platform bed design for the best firmness.
  • Support layers– Your cushion levels will change because panel beds need a support layer underneath mattresses. Feel your mattress on a foundation or box spring to see how it feels.

Box Spring

Panel beds usually require a box spring in addition to the mattress. Box springs are not required for platform beds. Despite the fact that it is not advised, you can still use a panel bed without a box spring. Check for What is An Innerspring Mattress?


Always important are utility and practicality. However, at the end of the day, people also select a bed based on their personal style.

Panel beds’ added height and decorative details, which are maximalist and classic, enhance traditional homes. Contrarily, platform beds have modern, sleek designs that are perfect for modern spaces.

Inevitably, every rule has an exception. Simple and elegant panel beds are available. Stylish features on some platform beds include visible drawers or steps. However, each model’s main aesthetic appeals to the majority of buyers.

Where Did Panel Beds and Platform Beds Get Their Names?

Panel beds and platform beds have very different meanings, despite the fact that their names are frequently used interchangeably. While the distinction between the meanings is clear, how the name got attached to each is often not. Here’s the basic drilldown:

  • The widespread use of broad wood headboards and footboards gave panel beds their name. In other words, panel beds tend to feature panels of wood.
  • In spite of the numerous features that are frequently added and incorporated into its design, such as storage drawers and cubbies, a platform bed is fundamentally just one big — you guessed it! – platform (Read: sturdy wood “box,” with a flat, solid, supportive surface.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Panel Beds Cost?

Depending on the product’s maker and retailer, a panel bed may cost around $600. The elaborate decorative accents on the headboard or footboard also influence price. The size of a panel bed is also important in determining the cost.

What Type of Mattress is Best for a Panel Bed?

One that functions well with a box spring is the ideal mattress for a panel bed. This implies that you can use any mattress available as long as its size is compatible with the bed in question. On a panel bed, any foam mattress would work well.

What Offers More Support: a Panel Bed Or Platform Bed?

The solid base of a platform bed, which can support a mattress on its own, provides more support than a panel bed. On the other hand, a panel bed needs mattress support, like a box spring. It lacks sufficient slats to support a mattress on its own, so that is why.

Can You Use a Regular Mattress on a Platform Bed?

On a platform bed, any kind of mattress will work. Platform and panel beds can both be made of memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, plush, firm, or medium. Any type of regular mattress may be placed on a platform (or panel) bed as long as the size is correct (King mattress for King bed, etc.), and the mattress has a base designed for full mattress support (typically this means five or more slats).

Does the Panel Bed Need a Box?

In order to support the mattress on a panel bed, a box spring is necessary. This is so that the platform bed can support the mattress independently while the bed base is insufficient to do so.

What Differentiates Panel Beds from Other Beds?

Fewer slats distinguish panel beds from other types of beds, necessitating the use of a box spring or other mattress support. The headboard and footboard of a panel bed also serve as a structural support for the mattress and decorative accents. In comparison to platform beds, it is also significantly larger.

Which is Better: Platform Or Panel Bed?

  • A headboard and footboard give a panel bed a more enticing appearance, and it is also more pronounced and sturdy. On top of that, a panel bed is more elevated and comfortable.
  • In contrast, an upholstered platform bed is more compact and has a more modern appearance. Since there is no box spring supporting it, it appears slightly less elevated than a panel bed. For those who want a bed that is cozy but doesn’t have a lot of ornamentation, it is fantastic.
  • It can support a mattress and a box spring thanks to the panel bed’s design. You cannot use a panel bed without a mattress because it is not designed to directly support a mattress.
  • Platform beds, on the other hand, do not require the use of a mattress foundation, allowing users to simply place a mattress on top of the bed.

Please take note that the box spring performs duties other than supporting the mattress. The springs give it additional comfort. The box spring elevates the panel bed a little above most other pieces of furniture with a similar style. The aesthetic appeal of a panel bed is higher than that of a platform bed.

  • January 22, 2023