Welding Truck Beds: You Want To Know

Welding Truck Beds You Want To Know

You will have a significant advantage over welders who work in fixed sites if you install a welding truck bed on your truck and make your welding business mobile.

Instead of your clients coming to you when they are in need, you can go to them.

A welding truck bed makes it simple for you to transfer all of your welding supplies and equipment from one location to another, allowing you to use your welding expertise wherever you go. However, there are many different kinds of welding truck beds available, so it’s crucial to do your research to make sure you acquire the welding truck bed that best meets your needs.

Welding Truck Beds Types Exploration

There are two fundamental kinds of truck welding truck beds you can use: customized and pre-made. While pre-made welding truck beds can be much less high-priced than personalized welding truck beds, some welders choose to have them custom-made. This way, the welding truck bed can be designed to match a precise truck and the add-ons can be chosen and laid out in a way that pleasant fits the welder’s needs. Some add-ons and facets that are commonly protected with a welders welding truck bed include:

  • Toolboxes
  • Space for oxy/acetylene cylinders
  • Workspace, the place equipment such as vices might also be added
  • Bottle racks
  • Recessed welder sump
  • Gooseneck ball
  • Depending upon the dimension of the truck and the welder’s needs, the measurement and placement of these add-ons may additionally be varied.

While most welding truck beds are set up on the truck by means of drilling holes in the welding truck bed of the truck, there are additionally extendible welding truck beds accessible that do now not require drilling. These welding truck beds provide the introduced comfort of being capable to be rolled out of the welding truck bed, which presents convenient get entry to components and tools.

Choice Between New & Used Welding Truck Beds

As you begin your search, you will find that there are both new and used welding truck beds available. Purchasing a used one has the primary advantage of offering a reduced price. Whether you pick up a used welding truck bed at a junkyard or purchase one from someone who has one for sale, you will likely spend a fraction of the cost on a used welding truck bed than what you would expect when buying a new.

A used welding truck bed may be a very good route to take. Just make sure you find one that doesn’t need a whole lot of work. Because the work and money you have to put into repairing it and customizing it to suit your needs may not be worth the money you save. Therefore, use a little caution and ask a lot of questions when purchasing a used welding truck bed. This way, you can be certain to weigh the benefits and drawbacks when deciding whether buying used is right for you.

Common Order Welding Truck Beds

Each welding truck bed is made the usage of 3/16 plate for the floor, sidewalls, rear skirt and corners.  Most different components are built the use of 12 gauge plate.  Each welding truck bed is priced in the RAW steel as a base price.  welding truck beds are ground, sanded and prepared for sandblast. Installation is protected with every welding truck bed in the base price.

Each one of our welding truck beds come well-known with the following:

1) Rear Toolboxes positioned at the rear of the truck.  These normally go down as a long way as the sidewall of the physique to enable for most storage.  All patterns of our welding truck beds come widespread with rectangular fashion boxes.  1/4 round pipe toolboxes are handy as nicely on all welding truck bed patterns for an extra cost.

2) Oxygen Bottle Rack. The orientation of the rack can be with two bottles laying facet by means of side, two bottles stacked on pinnacle of every other, or a single bottle with the aid of itself.

3) Hole(s) for acetylene bottles.  Typically both 1 or two bottles will be positioned on the passenger aspect at the back of the O2 rack.  If solely one bottle is carried then generally we can amplify the measurement of the rod box.  These are secured with the use of a custom-sized ratchet strap.

Welding Truck Beds You Want To Know
Welding Truck Beds You Want To Know

4) Rod box. Normally positioned to the rear of the acetylene bottles.  Typically has a raised lip round the ground side with a hinged lid.

5) Lead nicely holes.  Some choose 3, some choose 4, and different choose 1 massive one with a divider in it to in essence make two giant ones.  Locking Lids for these are reachable at an extra cost.

6) LED Lights.  Our lights are all clear lens lights in both 4″ spherical or 6″ oval, all proudly made in the USA.

7) Installation and elimination of your truck welding truck bed.  We will install our welding truck bed and cast off your welding truck bed all covered in the base price.  Of route if you have some loopy ridiculous welding truck bed or contraption to remove, there may also be an extra charge.  Not sure, simply ask us.

Our South TX  and North TX welding truck beds are structurally all constructed the equal way.  Here are the variations in them.

South Tx, the sidewalls in between the cab and axle is straight and NOT made to shape the contour of the cab.  This fashion welding truck bed additionally has 2″ tubing around the backside to make up the strolling boards.

North TX welding truck beds have the sidewalls in between the cab and axle that ARE made to healthy the contour of the truck lines.  This fashion additionally has 4″ pipe that is halved at the backside vs the 2″ tubing.


Above are about welding truck beds, which is illustrated in three parts. They are welding truck bed types exploration, the choice between new & used welding truck beds, and common order welding truck beds. Hope these will help you a lot.

  • July 21, 2022