How To Blow Up An Air Mattress Without A Pump? Clever And Unique Ways

How To Blow Up An Air Mattress Without A Pump Clever And Unique Ways

What should you do if you remembered to bring your air mattress but not the air pump to the sleepover or camping trip? How to blow up an air mattress without a pump? You’re in luck because this article provides a number of simple methods for filling an air mattress. So continue reading to see how a garbage bag or a hair dryer can be your key to a restful night’s sleep!  

How To Blow Up An Air Mattress Without A Pump

Use Hair Dryer

For a practical DIY air pump, turn the dryer on cool air. The dryer’s end should be pressed against the mattress’s intake valve as the mattress is laid out flat. As soon as you turn on the dryer, make sure the cool air setting is selected. Since the dryer and intake valve are different sizes, some air will leak out, but the mattress should gradually fill up.

If you have a vacuum with a crevice attachment that fits over the end of the dryer, you might achieve a better seal between the valve and dryer.

Avoid using a hair dryer without a cool air setting. The vinyl and plastic components of the mattress could melt or get damaged by hot air.

Try Vacuum Cleaner

Use a vacuum that has an air blower as an effective pump substitute. A few home vacuums and many shop vacuums have reverse modes that make them “blow” instead of “suck.”” In this scenario, turn on the vacuum, set it to reverse flow, place the hose’s end over the intake valve on the mattress, and fill the mattress with air. If adding one of the crevice attachments helps the hose’s connection to the intake valve, do so.

Even if your vacuum doesn’t have a reverse flow mode, you might still be able to use it. Remove the hose, along with the bag or container containing the dirt and debris. As dirt and debris are directed into the bag or canister, press one end of the hose over or into the opening. The vacuum should be turned on while the other end of the hose is pressed up against the intake valve of the mattress. The vacuum should draw air from the tube into the mattress.

Use Your Lungs

The least efficient, time-consuming, and exhausting method is probably this one. Simply inhale deeply before letting the air from your lungs flow into the airbed. Keep doing this until the bed is full. Take breaks regularly to avoid hyperventilating. I prefer to buy a new pump than to inflate an air mattress using only my breath. I’d rather walk two hours or take a boat, bus, and train.

Even though none of these techniques require the use of a pump to fill an airbed, it is strongly advised to purchase an electric or manual pump to make the process more straightforward. However, as we are all aware, not everything goes camping with us. Therefore, if the unfortunate situation arises and you forget the pump, being ready and having the knowledge of how to inflate an air bed without a pump puts you one step ahead of the following camper.

Use Leaf Blower

Your air mattress can be inflated with the help of anything that blows air.

So if you have one of these tools, you can use a leaf blower or snow blower instead of a pump. Create a tight connection between the blower and the mattress valve – you can use a vacuum hose as an intermediary – and then start blowing air into the mattress from the lowest setting.

Try Air Compressor

How To Blow Up An Air Mattress Without A Pump Clever And Unique Ways
How To Blow Up An Air Mattress Without A Pump? Clever And Unique Ways

Buy a matching air cushion valve to improve this option. There’s not much difference between using an air compressor and an electric air pump to inflate something like a mattress: Plug the compressor’s output valve into the mattress’s intake valve, flip the power switch, and run the compressor until the mattress is full. That said, the typical valve options that come with air compressors may not be a perfect fit for mattress valves, so you may need to tape the valves together to get a good seal. Alternatively, purchase compressor cushion valve accessories online.

Use A Refuse Bag Or Garbage To Inflate A Air Bed

Swooping a trash bag through the air will fill it with air, causing a large bubble to form inside the bag. The air should not be allowed to escape, so quickly close the open end in your hand. Place the bag over the airbed’s valve by opening the center to the right size. Fill the airbed with bag’s inflated contents.

The fastest way to do this is to lay the airbed flat on the ground and then lie on the garbage bag that has been filled with air. Air will easily flow into the bag and be prevented from escaping thanks to one-way valves. The need to keep two-way valves open may arise.

Until the bed is inflated, you must repeat the process. Although it might take some time and work, this will successfully inflate the bed. The method is excellent for use while camping or when there are no electrical outlets nearby. The ideal method for when you don’t have access to a pump to blow up an air mattress.

Manual Pump Is Well

Because it is the smallest and produces the least amount of air, it is best used for double size air beds or pool inflatables. Connect the pump to the mattress’s inflator valve, and then pump air into the mattress by hand.

Foot Pump

They’re a little heavier, but they’re also more useful. They don’t require as much work as hand pumps and can quickly pump up a full-size air bed or even a small motorboat.

Use A Hand Pump

Yes, the hand pump is still a pump, but it will be useful if you often go to the backpack and take your air cushion with you

You can rely on a bicycle, a pedal pump, or a hand pump, as they mostly perform their duties well.

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A Bicycle Pump

If you have a bike, you probably have one of these at home. Bicycle pumps have the highest air output compared to manual or pedal pumps and can be quickly inflated even for large air beds.

You can use hand pumps outside or where there is no electricity, as they do not require electricity and instead use your physical strength to inflate the mattress.

Blow Up An Air Mattress Without A Pump Using A Bag?

Now you know what to do, if you need to detonate an air cushion without a pump, you won’t get lost

But here’s the thing:

Vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and hair dryers all require power to work.

If you go camping, you might not have power.

But don’t give up!

You can easily blow up your air bed or even a regular plastic bag with a simple garbage bag – but you must cut off the handle to make the open end even

So, here’s what you need to do:

Roll up your mattress and lay it flat. Be sure to check the surface for sharp objects, as securing the air cushion without a repair kit can be troublesome in camping conditions.

  • Collect air in the bag. 

Simply move it around until it expands, then grasp the open end firmly with both hands to keep the air in.

  • Open the mattress valve and place the open end of the bag around it. 

A rubber band can be used to hold it in place to create a tighter seal.

  • Push air from the bag into the mattress. 

To avoid tearing the bag, gradually increase the pressure. When the bag is fully inflated, unplug it from the mattress and quickly close the valve.

  • Continue until the mattress is fully inflated. 

Your air cushion will eventually be ready to use, even if it takes some time.

That’s it! There you have it, even when camping, blowing a mattress without a pump.

Have you tried any of these? How’s it going? Do you have any tips to share from your own experience? Do so in the following sections.


Whatever method you choose, the objective is to spare you the time and effort of blowing up an air mattress when a real pump is not accessible. Which have you already tried?

  • August 2, 2022