Lull Mattress Review In 2023 (Updated): Buy Or Not To Buy

Lull Mattress Review In 2022 (Updated) Buy Or Not To Buy

We like the Lull mattress because it feels similar to both memory foam and regular polyfoam in texture. As a result, you get the advantages of memory foam without the full memory foam experience.  The price of the Lull mattress is very reasonable. It’s one of the market’s most dependable low-cost beds. 

What the Lull mattress that we don’t like: Over 230-pound individuals are not the Lull mattress’ ideal target market. They will most likely prefer a bed with more support, such as a hybrid or conventional innerspring mattress.  On our soft/firm scale, we believe the Lull mattress to be in the center. However, those who are small in stature will find this mattress to be firmer. This is important for side sleepers who weigh less than 150 lbs because a mattress that is too firm could cause pressure points.

When most people think of memory foam mattresses, they imagine something soft and pressure-relieving, but what about those who want a bit of that foam feel but require additional support? That is, after all, the main idea behind the Lull mattress!

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Overview To Lull Mattress

While the Lull mattress isn’t the most recognized mattress on the block, they have a strong online presence and social media. A foam mattress from Lull is inexpensive and straightforward. We believe that some of its appeal comes from its simplicity. The Lull mattress should be on your list if you’re looking for a solid mattress without any unnecessary frills. Find out what we thought and who we believe it works best for by reading the rest of our Lull review.

The following are the main points of this Lull Mattress Review:

  • Our firmness scale places the Lull mattress squarely in the middle. 
  • All of the foams that they use are CertiPUR-US Certified, which means that the materials have met rigorous standards of minimal off-gassing. 
  • For small- to medium-sized people, it’s a reliable mattress option. The Lull bed may not provide heavy people with the necessary support.

As part of our effort to evaluate as many beds in the mattress industry as we can, our Slumber Yard team has tested more than 150 beds, including the Lull Mattress. What can we say, around here we’re big fans of beds and know a lot more about mattresses than the average person. You can therefore be confident that the knowledge provided below is the result of knowledgeable bed enthusiasts who want to assist you in finding the ideal bed.

Here’s a brief video review of the Lull Mattress that explains what we like and dislike most about it for those of you who would rather watch than read.

Construction To Lull Mattress Review

  • The Lull mattress is 10” tall.
  • The Lull’s cover is soft and lightweight, so it shouldn’t significantly alter the way the mattress feels.
  • 1.5″ of memory foam with gel infusions makes up the Lull’s top layer.
  • There is a 1.5″ foam transition layer below that.
  • The base consists of 7” of durable support foam.

Motion Transfer To Lull Mattress Review

Couples should consider motion transfer when choosing a mattress because a mattress that minimizes motion transfer should ensure that both partners sleep through the night.

Memory foam is one of the best materials for dealing with motion transfer, and the Memory foam is directly on top at Lull. I put a glass of water in the center of the mattress to see how well the memory foam works; when I pressed into the other parts of the mattress, the water showed no obvious disturbance.

I also sat on the Lull and asked Marten to enter and exit the bed from the opposite side so I could observe the motion transfer first-hand. He sat on the edge, changed positions, and rolled around a bit, but I did not feel these movements transfer to my side of the Lull mattress.

Lull Mattress Review
Lull Mattress Review

Edge Support To Lull Mattress Review

Couples are also going to want to keep edge support in mind when they are choosing a mattress – if a mattress features strong edge support, it will allow both partners to sleep toward the edge and really get to use every single square inch of the mattress.

When I lean over to tie my shoes while seated close to the edge of the Lull, the top foam layers do collapse, but I don’t feel like I’m going to fall forward. Additionally, the Lull does not collapse or give me the impression that I will roll off the bed onto the floor when I am lying on the edge of the mattress.

The Lull mattress’s edge support really is quite impressive.

Firmness And Feel To Lull Mattress Review

In terms of firmness, the Lull is around a 7/10, just a tad firmer-than-average; the gel memory foam and transition layers are quite soft and easy to press into, but then The base support foam that is firmer struck me. However, as they sink through the 3″ of comfort material, heavier sleepers might believe that the Lull is significantly firmer.

The Lull, in my opinion, has a nice balance of comfort and support, making it among the best mattresses for back sleepers. The support foam keeps me up, but the comfort layers allow me to sink in without going too far, and the gel memory foam really shapes to the contours of my body.

The Lull’s mattress is slightly too firm for me to feel particularly comfortable when I’m on my side. The transition layer keeps me from completely hitting the support layer, but I need a softer mattress to give me the pressure relief My shoulders and hips really need work.

The Lull is giving me the proper support when I’m stomach sleeping, preventing my hips from ever sinking in. Once more, the Lull is firmer than average, and I feel as though my entire body is receiving balanced support.

Overall, the Lull mattress has a balanced foam feel that is both comfortable and responsive. Although the mattress contains memory foam, it responds more quickly, so users shouldn’t experience movement restrictions or get stuck in the mattress.

Temperature Regulation To Lull Mattress Review

Since memory foam conforms to your body, it is typically known for trapping heat. However, we discovered that the Lull bed sleeps at a neutral temperature during our review. That said, if you sleep excessively hot at night, you may want to look into a bed with some active cooling features, like the Brooklyn Aurora or the other selections on our Best Cooling Mattress for Hot Sleepers list.

Responsiveness To Lull Mattress Review

This bed isn’t instantly responsive due to the memory foam. It feels like the bed is hugging you because you can see your handprint for a brief period of time after pressing into it. The neutral-foam layer directly below the memory foam prevents us from feeling “stuck in the mud” even though the Lull mattress is slower to react. While sleeping, it’s simple to move around.

Lull Mattress Review
Lull Mattress Review

How Much is a Lull Mattress?

The price of the Lull mattress is fairly affordable and competitive with other bed-in-a-box mattresses like Casper and Leesa. In our opinion, the Lull mattress is a good buy, especially if you prefer something other than neutral or memory foam. Here’s a full pricing breakdown before you apply any discounts:

Twin XL$899$1,161
Cal King$1,399$1,833

Lull Company Policies

Lull, like most online mattresses,will give you a few additional perks to customers who decide to purchase from them.

  • Free shipping and returns
  • 365-night trial
  • Lifetime warranty

If, for some reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, it will be similar to the majority of mattresses in a box. The only thing they ask is that you give your mattress at least two weeks before asking for a refund because it takes some time for your body to get used to a new sleeping surface.

Lull Mattress FAQs

A Lull Mattress: What Is It?

Three mattresses are offered by Lull, an online-only provider of beds-in-a-box: the The most popular product offered by the company is the Original Lull Mattress, followed by the Original Premium and the Luxe Hybrid Mattress. It costs between $1,099 and $1,599 for a queen-size Lull mattress.

All of the foams used by Lull are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they all adhere to the strictest environmental protection standards and are free of any harmful chemicals. Foam mattresses are typically made of this type of foam. Since Lull measures its environmental impact and takes steps to reduce waste and carbon emissions, the company can compress its mattresses in environmentally friendly packaging and is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

Where To Buy A Lull Mattress?

On Lull’s website, you can purchase the mattress directly. Any address within the contiguous United States can receive it for free. Alaska and Hawaii can receive the mattress for an additional cost. Nevertheless, Lull does not offer international shipping. Mattresses, according to Lull, are typically delivered four days after being purchased. Amazon is another place to buy the Lull mattress.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Lull Mattress?

Warranty for Lull Mattress: Limited lifetime warranty

A visible sag, an indentation of more than 1.5 inches, a broken zipper, or issues with the mattress’ construction that are not the result of improper use are all covered by the limited lifetime warranty provided by Lull. It excludes tearing, spilling, excessive zipper use, and general wear and tear that you may cause to the mattress. Contact Lull and submit a warranty claim along with a description of the defect, a photo of it, and your proof of purchase.

Lull won’t accept warranty claims based on allergies or sensitivity to fabric or materials, despite the fact that CertiPUR-US certified foam from Lull emits very few VOCs (some of which are hazardous to human health).

How Can I Return A Lull Mattress?

Duration of the Lull Mattress Trial: 365-night sleep trial

The trial period for Lull is 365 nights. However, unlike some other bed-in-a-box providers, Lull doesn’t require you to keep the mattress for a full 30 days before using its no-cost return policy. The money you spent on the mattress will be returned in full, and Lull will arrange for free pickup and removal. To start the process before the trial period expires, all you need to do is call or email customer service. Remember that Lull will only accept two mattress returns per household or shipping address. The sleep trial is capped at 100 days if you buy a Lull mattress on Amazon, and you’ll have to use their return policy rather than getting in touch with Lull directly.

How Much Time Does A Lull Mattress Take To Expand?

Within five hours of being unboxed and fully within 48 hours, the Lull mattress will expand to its maximum size. When you first receive the mattress, unbox it and give it some time to air out, advises Lull. You may, however, store it in the box for up to three weeks.

Does Lull Bedding Have A Smell?

The first few days after the Lull mattress is opened, you might detect a faint odor. The mattress uses CertiPUR-US certified foam that doesn’t off-gas harmful chemicals, so the smell is harmless. Lull advises, however, giving your mattress some time to breathe before using it.

Do Lull Mattresses Require A Box Spring?

Platform beds, box springs, and slatted bases can all be used with the Lull mattress. To help stop the mattress from developing mold, Lull advises that you pick a surface that permits air ventilation.

Best Mattress

  • Helix Midnight has the best overall rating.
  • DreamCloud Mattress is the most comfy.
  • Best value: Nectar Mattress.
  • Best Luxurious: Saatva Classic.
  • WinkBed, which is softer, is best for side sleepers.
  • Helix Dusk Luxe is recommended for couples.
  • Best for Back Pain: Luxury Firm WinkBed.
  • Best for Combination Sleepers: Layla Hybrid.


A review of the Lull mattress was the primary subject of the article.

Lull was founded to provide high-quality sleep solutions at a reasonable price. Its product line includes bed frames, bedding, and mattresses.
The intermittent mattress is completely composed of foam, including memory foam, traditional foam, and PVC foam. This structure is designed for support, decompression, motion isolation, elasticity and breathability.

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