How To Keep Mattresses From Sliding Tips That Will Work

How To Keep Mattresses From Sliding Tips That Will Work

Your whole health and well-being depend on the quality of your sleep. Have you ever woken up feeling invincible after a restful night’s sleep? How to keep mattresses from sliding? You should wake up feeling like that each morning. You may experience insomnia if your mattress slides around during the night. It is also annoying to constantly have to adjust the mattress when you get out of bed.

You might find this unnecessary burden to be grating. Use these useful hints to construct a mattress stopper and, maybe, get a better night’s sleep tomorrow.

Why Is The Mattress Sliding?

Before you stop the surface of the mattress from sliding, you need to figure out what causes it to slide. The reasons may be various, from the design of the bedstead to the age and condition of the mattress itself.

The frequent movement of the mattress may be caused by one or more of the following common reasons:

No Railings

A bedstead without railings may look great, but like a horse, a mattress without a fence may walk around. If you toss and turn in your sleep, the railing can help your mattress keep balance.

Insufficient friction – your mattress may slide because it won’t hold. Depending on the manufacturer, latex and memory foam mattress types have less traction than other types of mattresses. In Casper, we make sure our mattresses have enough grip, but if you use mattresses of other brands, the material may be the problem.

Age Of The Mattress

It’s unpleasant to think about it, but when we sleep, our body will release the oil, sweat, and other secretions, which will accumulate over time to form a sliding sleep surface. If you have used the same mattress for seven years or more, it is obvious that you need a new mattress. If you feel your bed is bad, there are many signs and symptoms that need attention.

How To Keep Mattresses From Sliding Tips That Will Work
How To Keep Mattresses From Sliding Tips That Will Work

Size Of The Mattress

It is essential that the size of the mattress matches the size of the bedstead. If the mattress is too small, it is easier to slide to the edge of the excess space. If you’ve been stuffing a large mattress into your extra large bedstead and want the best results, it’s time to remedy it with the right mattress size.


An uneven bed frame or too wide bed board will cause an imbalance of sleep surfaces. Does your bed squeak when you sleep? If so, the support structure may be your real problem.

How To Prevent The Mattress From Sliding?

Rubber Pad

If your mattress slides off the spring box, a simple solution is to use a non-slide pad or rubber pad. You can find these things in DIY stores, which is a cheap solution. These are similar to things used to fix carpets. Put it under the mattress, between the mattress and the bedstead.

Dust Suction Under The Mattress

Use your furniture brush to vacuum every inch of your mattress, first the top, and then turn the mattress over to vacuum the other side. A mattress placed for several years will accumulate dust, skin cells, pet hair, and debris, which will make the mattress slide on the foundation. The best effect is also under the vacuum bed and foundation.

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Carpet Tape

If you have an unruly carpet or a carpet that moves around, carpet tape is a tried and tested solution. It also prevents your mattress from slideping. Although it’s best as a short-term solution, because you don’t want the tape to leave glue on your mattress or tear its lines.

Velcro Strap

Velcro can prevent the mattress from sliding, which is a powerful solution. Each side of the Velcro has an adhesive that can be adhered to the mattress and the bottom of the bed, while the corresponding side of the Velcro can maintain the position of the mattress. Double sided carpet tape can also be used as a short-term solution.

Can You Put The Bed On The Floor?

We don’t recommend putting the mattress on the floor, because it will hinder air circulation and cause mold to grow. Moreover, such damage will invalidate your mattress warranty.

In addition, some people who sleep find that the floor makes their mattresses feel too hard, which is inappropriate for them, especially if their mattresses are thin.

How Can You Keep Adjustable Bed From Sliding?

A common problem with adjustable beds is that they slide when they rise. To avoid this situation, you can find some high-tech beds to ensure that the mattress is close to the wall, so that you won’t lose access to the bedside table. It can be a non slide covering, or it can be as simple as the railing at the foot of the bed.

Why Does Your Mattress slide Off The Spring Box?

The bedstead may be too big for the mattress. Most frames have a little extra space to accommodate the mattress and spring box, but too much extra space will make the mattress slide down.

How To Stop Your Mattress On A Platform Bed From Sliding?

Use the proper bed base to stop a mattress from sliding on a platform bed. It might move around if your mattress is too big for the bed frame. If your mattress continues slipping, anti-slip patches, like those used to hold carpets in place, are a simple but efficient fix.

If you have a foam mattress, don’t use mattress straps because you don’t want to permanently dent it. Instead, think about utilizing them.

Ways To Stop A Mattress From Sliding Off A Metal Bed Frame

There are times when using carpet tape, velcro, rubber mats, and vacuuming alone is insufficient to stop a mattress from moving around. Installing side rails is typically the best choice when working with a metal bed frame. You may make them yourself if you have the creative urge.

Mattress stoppers made of elastic straps are an option. Take off the sheets, then encircle the mattress and bed foundation with the straps. Place the straps underneath the mattress topper if one is being used, but be careful because the straps may dent some mattresses’ foam.


Although a sliding mattress may not seem like a major concern at first, it can rapidly become a laborious chore when you’ve moved the bed yet again. Use one of our suggestions to solve the issue once and for all rather than having to deal with the inconvenience all the time. You can avoid sleep disruptions by doing something as basic as putting a non-slide cushion between the mattress and the box spring or bed frame.

  • July 29, 2022