How to Choose the Best Bed to Complete Your Bedroom? With 5 Considerations


It’s the focal point of a room where you’ll spend a lot of time, but choosing a bed is no easy task. The right bed will not only be the key to a great night’s sleep, but it will also be the item that thematically connects your bedroom together – the focal point that sets the tone for the rest of your decor.

So, if you’re thinking of buying a new bed, consider more than just a comfortable mattress. Think about everything from the headboard to your bedding and linens as a step toward creating an exquisite and wonderful sleeping environment. Isn’t it true that it’s easier said than done? You’re correct, but with a few simple design tools and some helpful advice from our experts, you’ll be ready to take on the task. Continue reading to begin your adventure to finding the best bed for you and your area.

Choosing your format

First and foremost, you’ll need to determine whether you want an all-in-one bed or a bed base and bed head combo. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, but here’s a brief summary of each to help you decide.

Because a bed frame is one piece, you’ll only need to click ‘add to cart’ once and you’ll have your perfect bed! They’re quite useful for quick style and keep you from scrambling as you try to make two things work together visually.

However, they do have a certain stiffness about them that some people – probably the more seasoned interior lovers among us – aren’t persuaded of. You’ll have fewer options and must be certain that you’re delighted with your bed because disassembling and adjusting bed frames is tough. They’re also more difficult to relocate, so if you live a nomadic lifestyle, you might want something else.

That brings us to the other option, the Complete bed set. It allows the creative and agile decorator to check all of the boxes at once, for example, by combining a soft and comfy fabric headboard with the matching boxes as a basis.You should double-check that there is a simple and solid way to connect the two sections by anchoring your headboard to the wall with the bed base and mattress.

Choosing a Headboard

If you’ve decided to combine a headboard and a bed foundation to make a lovely place to sleep, the first step is to choose the proper headboard. This should nearly always take precedence over choosing a bed foundation because the bed head will be the main point of the room and will most likely be more elaborate or eye-catching than the base, which will be partially concealed by your bedding.

Headboards are classified into two types: wooden and upholstered. There are advantages and disadvantages, just as there are advantages and disadvantages in many other aspects of the bed-buying process.It’s all about figuring out what works for you, your style, and your specific living and family circumstances, so keep these in mind as you make your decision.

Wooden bed frames are adaptable, long-lasting, and create a powerful statement that can be adjusted to your personal style preferences. They will endure a long time if properly cared for (like you would any other wooden object, with regular cleaning and polishing) and are frequently versatile enough to transcend trends.

However, if you want to lie back in bed with a book, work, or watch your favorite program, you may want to reconsider your choice of wooden headboard – or at the very least, invest in some stylish cushions to rest your head on. Wooden components are also heavy, making them more difficult to transport or relocate if necessary.Look at the influences and components that are already present in your previous furniture and design pieces, as we always propose, and discover methods to incorporate them into your new buy.

You do, however, have the option of an upholstered headboard. They’re softer in appearance and feel, giving your bedroom a warm yet sophisticated impression. Upholstered headboards are ideal if you spend a lot of time propped up in bed since they provide an instant spot to lay your head and relax in the mornings and at night. You may also choose from a wide selection of materials, such as velvet, linen, cotton, boucle, and even leather, making an upholstered headboard just as adaptable as a wooden one.

The size is the last item to consider when selecting a headboard. You’ll want to make sure it’s not only the suitable width for your mattress and bed foundation, but also the right height. Measure from the bottom of the headboard element to the top and use this number to decide if it’s the best decision for you – A piece that is too tall will seem strange, whereas a piece that is too short can cause pain when resting up against it in bed. See more about Can a Brother and Sister Share a Bedroom?

Selecting a Bed Frame

With a lovely headboard in place, it’s time to discuss bed bases. They may not be as aesthetically important as the headboard, but they are an important consideration because they will be responsible for bearing your weight every night for years to come.

There are several varieties of bed bases available, including ones that are flat to the floor, those with legs, and those that have a ‘footboard.’

Whereas a piece that is flat to the floor may not appear as stylish, it is your greatest option for stability and structural integrity since it will entirely support the mattress, your bedding, and you! Many bed bases in this design are extremely simple, but if you’re prepared to pay a little more, you’ll be able to discover something that fits your aesthetic well.

Whatever form of bed foundation you pick, be sure it meets your specific needs. Consider if this base can hold the weight of the person sleeping in the bed. Does it go with the other furniture in the room? How about the headboard? Do the two pieces work nicely together? Is it the proper height for me to sleep comfortably, and does it physically fit with my mattress? Considering each of these factors throughout the purchasing process will ensure that you get a lot of use out of your new bed foundation and that you enjoy a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.

Finding the ideal bedding and décor

With everything else in place, the final step is the most enjoyable – styling! Your bed is a great opportunity to show your personal style in your bedroom (both figuratively and practically! ), and constructing something that looks nice is certain to translate into feeling good.

Begin with bedding and linens, selecting sheets and a bedspread or quilt cover. So, what’s the distinction? A bedspread (also known as a comforter) does not require a quilt insert, so you may dress up your bed and alter the area in a single easy step.

However, these are often thinner and more suited to the summer months or individuals who want to bring warmth to their bed in other ways, such as using blankets. A quilt cover, on the other hand, requires a separate purchase of an insert. This provides you more choice because you can buy a variety of quilts, including extra-warm, summer-friendly, and hypoallergenic options, allowing you to swap it up as needed.

When it comes to the design of your bed, there are so many beautiful possibilities – and they seem to be arriving almost every day! This is your opportunity to truly show your individual style while also reflecting other parts of the space to create a stunning and harmonious effect. Consider utilizing accent colors from the room to spill on the bed to make a big statement, or using neutrals to lead the eye to a specific focus point. Patterns and textures are also on the menu, with everything from boucle to gingham making an appearance on our beds.

The third step is to add the finishing touches, which may make a bed seem warm and welcoming. Consider a throw blanket at the foot of the bed for added warmth, color or texture, and adaptability. Cushions and pillows add a cozy sense to the bed and are essential if you want to sit up in bed to work, read, or watch television. Some people like classic, little cushions, while others want a giant, overstuffed pillow to support oneself up while relaxing. Play with these items and experiment with different configurations and color schemes until your bed appears like a welcoming paradise – yeah, that’s the standard!

The process of purchasing a bed is undoubtedly full of options, but it doesn’t have to be complex – in fact, it’s full of fun and many opportunities to truly demonstrate what makes your style and point of view distinctive. Begin with the bed, then move on to the necessities before finishing with the elegant touches!

Of course, if you’re not sure where to begin on your bed-buying trip, here is a fine place to start – our diverse collection of stylish and skillfully crafted beds offers something for everyone.

Choosing the Best Mattress

After you’ve mastered the construction of the bed, it’s time to move on to the mattresses, as they say in The Godfather (or You’ve Got Mail, depending on who you ask). If you’re starting from scratch with your bed, this will be a critical step. There are several aspects to consider while choosing the appropriate mattress, including size, firmness, and materials – let’s go through them.

The size itself shouldn’t be too difficult to determine, as it will be one of the six standard sizes available (single, king single, double, queen, king, and super/California king). However, some mattresses vary in height, so if this is an issue for you, take a quick measurement from the slats of your bed foundation or frame and approximately note down how high your mattress will sit. Of course, there is no correct or incorrect height, but some people like to sleep closer to or farther away from the ground – it’s all a matter of personal opinion!


After you’ve decided on the size, consider the material and format. Do you want a simple spring-loaded mattress or a luxurious memory foam mattress? There are additionally coils, hybrid mattresses, latex, and so on. Throughout this process, it is critical that you conduct your own research to determine which sort of mattress best meets not just your preferences, but also your budget, demands, and sleeping style. The same is true for firmness – it is entirely up to you, but you must consider the big picture in order to make a long-term decision. If you’re still confused, go to a mattress store and try out a few different possibilities!

  • July 6, 2022