Serta Arctic Mattress Reviews In 2022 [Updated]: Should You Buy It Or Not?

Serta Arctic Mattress Reviews In 2022 [Updated] Should You Buy It Or Not

Memory foam mattresses, as you may be aware, have a propensity to retain body heat. But with the Serta Arctic, that won’t be a problem at all. This brand-new mattress is made of some exceptional materials that keep you warm and comfortable all night.

But is this the ideal bed for you? We wrote this objective Serta Arctic mattress review to assist you in learning more. The firmness, feel, cooling components, durability, and other details are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Serta Arctic Mattress Reviews: Serta’s Reactex Cooling system is used in their cooling foam mattress, the Arctic. It’s a soft mattress that provides excellent pressure relief and motion isolation, making it perfect for back and side sleepers.

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General Overview Of Serta Arctic Mattress

Serta has been producing cutting-edge mattresses that encourage sound sleep for more than 90 years. Although consumers are familiar with and adore Serta Perfect Sleeper models and the cutting-edge iComfort Plus mattresses, the Arctic has even better cooling capabilities.

It stands to reason that everyone has different mattress preferences. Who Might Want to Buy the Serta Arctic Mattress? is a brief overview.

Who Could Enjoy Serta Arctic?

  • Hot sleepers
  • Fans of a slow-moving memory foam feel
  • Couples who want a bed that isolates motion well

Whom Might The Serta Arctic Dislike?

  • Fans of bouncy innerspring mattresses
  • Stomach sleepers
  • People who are on a tight budget

How Do Other Mattresses Compare To The Serta Arctic?

It’s a good idea to research the competition even if you believe the Serta Arctic is the right bed for you. The Sealy Posturepedic and the TEMPUR-Cloud are two other popular models that we’ve compared to this cutting-edge cooling mattress.

Serta Arctic Vs. Sealy Posturepedic

Sealy and Serta are well-liked mattress brands with devoted patrons. Therefore, it is not surprising that selecting between the two can be difficult. Let’s examine what sets them apart.

Most notably, these two beds have different construction options. A hybrid mattress with encased coils is the Posturpedic Patterson, which we reviewed.

Although this mattress is also offered as a hybrid, the Serta Arctic plush model is an all-foam bed.

The Posturepedic Hybrid feels firmer than the all-foam Back sleepers benefit more from the Arctic climate. For side sleepers who require significant pressure relief, the Arctic is a great option.

The Serta Arctic is the winner, despite the fact that both mattresses have excellent cooling capabilities. However, the Arctic is more expensive due to its special Reactex system.

Who Ought To Purchase The Serta Arctic?

  • People who want one of the best cooling mattresses
  • Those who love softer beds

Who Should Purchase A Sealy Posturepedic?

  • People who want to save a bit of money
  • Those who prefer medium-firm mattresses

Serta Arctic Vs. Tempur-cloud

Tempurpedic, a well-known manufacturer of mattresses, is the source of the TEMPUR-Cloud, as you might have guessed. At first glance, this all-foam bed might resemble the Arctic, but there are some significant differences.

The TEMPUR-Cloud mattress, which is rated at 8/10, feels significantly firmer than the arctic. This means it works especially well for larger people and stomach sleepers. However, we advise the Arctic if you sleep on your side.

You will gently sink into the foam comfort of the TEMPUR-Cloud mattress because it makes use of the company’s slow-moving TEMPUR material. However, since this mattress doesn’t have as many high-tech cooling features, it might not be the best option for people who sleep very hotly.

The Serta Arctic does not arrive compressed inside a cardboard box, in contrast to the TEMPUR-Cloud. Additionally, Serta’s new mattress is a little more expensive than the TEMPUR-Cloud, which is something to keep in mind if you’re on a tight budget.

Which Person Should Purchase A Serta Arctic Mattress?

  • Hot sleepers
  • People who prefer soft mattresses
  • Those who don’t want to wait for their mattress to off-gas and expand

Who Should Purchase A Tempur-cloud Mattress?

  • People who prefer firm mattresses
  • Heavier people
  • People who want to save some money

Serta Arctic Mattress Firmness: How Firm Is It?

At Sleepopolis, we assign a firmness rating from 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. We test the mattress by lying on it in various sleeping positions and asking a few different office workers to rate its firmness. This helps us determine the mattress’ firmness. We do this because, depending on their body type and size, each person will experience a mattress’ firmness in a slightly different way.

We evaluated it and came to the conclusion that the Serta Arctic is 5.5 out of 10 in terms of firmness. The Serta Arctic is a soft mattress because it does not meet the 6.5/10 industry standard for a medium-firm mattress. I thought this mattress had a slow-sinking feel that was reminiscent of a classic Tempur-Pedic feel.

I definitely felt the mattress molding and conforming around me the longer While I was lying on it, I didn’t feel completely encased in it, which is sometimes the case with memory foam mattresses. I still felt very supported on the mattress, even as it contoured around me.

As I lied on my side on the Serta Arctic, I could feel the foam forming a protective shell around me.

The construction of the Serta Arctic, in my opinion, is what gives it this firm yet supple feel. The foam used in the top layers feel very soft and cushy, and have a very slow response to pressure. But then at the bottom, there’s a super supportive layer of core foam that keeps you from sinking down too deep.

This mix of softness and support is great for back and side sleepers, as it offers pressure relief and maintains spinal alignment. See more about Nectar Premier Copper Mattress Review

Serta Arctic Mattress Reviews In 2022 [Updated] Should You Buy It Or Not
Serta Arctic Mattress Reviews In 2022 [Updated]: Should You Buy It Or Not?

Serta Arctic Mattress Performance

Now that I have a better understanding of this mattress than just how it feels, I have put it through a number of tests to see how well it works for couples, people with different sleeping positions, and people who are in pain.

Testing The Serta Arctic Mattress In Different Sleeping Positions

I already mentioned that your body type can affect how a mattress feels to you. That’s because various weights require various amounts of support and pressure relief. Lighter sleepers will sink into their beds less, and heavier sleepers will sink into their beds more when compared to average weight sleepers.

The performance of a mattress should be considered for both your body type and preferred sleeping position, so in this section I’ll discuss how I believe the Serta Arctic will perform for various sleepers based on my testing results. it.

Is The Serta Arctic Mattress A Good Fit For Light Sleepers (under 130 Lbs.)?

  • Light Back Sleepers – Light back sleepers ought to enjoy the Serta Arctic. Lying on their back should give them excellent spinal alignment, and if their joints need any pressure relief, the soft, cushioning feel should be helpful.
  • Light Side Sleepers – Light side sleepers ought to function well on the Serta Arctic. To avoid any pressure buildup in your hips and shoulders, the cushioning foam should mold around those areas.
  • Light Stomach Sleepers – For light stomach sleepers, I wouldn’t advise the Serta Arctic. Lighter people won’t sink into the bed as much as average or heavy people, but it would still probably be preferable to choose a slightly firmer mattress.

Is The Serta Arctic A Comfortable Mattress For People Of Average Weight (130 – 250 Lb)?

  • Average Weight Back Sleepers – Average weight back sleepers will, in my opinion, really appreciate the Serta Arctic, just like light back sleepers will. It was very comfortable for me, a back sleeper of average weight.
  • Average Weight Side Sleepers – Additionally, I believe side sleepers of average weight will adore the Serta Arctic. For pressure relief, the top soft foam layers will comfortably mold to the shoulders and hips.
  • Average Weight Stomach Sleepers – I would advise stomach sleepers of average weight to stay away from the Serta Arctic Plush Foam model because it will simply be too soft to keep their hips aligned with their shoulders.

Are Heavy Sleepers (over 250 Lb) A Good Fit For The Serta Arctic Mattress?

  • Heavy Back Sleepers – Typically, we advise heavy sleepers to choose a mattress with coils to give them the support they need, but I believe the Serta Arctic will work well for heavy back sleepers because it is a very supportive foam mattress. Although it is sculpting and contouring, I believe it to be strong and supportive enough to maintain the alignment of the spine in heavy back sleepers.
  • Heavy Side Sleepers – I believe heavy side sleepers could benefit from the Serta Arctic as well. Again, I believe this mattress is a good option for heavy side sleepers because it combines strong support with gentle, pressure-relieving top layers of foam.
  • Heavy Stomach Sleepers – But if you sleep on your stomach a lot, I’d suggest something firmer and even more supportive. You’ll want to make sure your hips aren’t sinking into your mattress if you have a heavier body weight. A firm mattress is the best choice here because hip sinkage can eventually result in lower back pain.

Pain Relief Performance: Serta Arctic Mattress

The ability of a mattress to relieve pressure is crucial to consider when evaluating a mattress’ ability to reduce pain. Pressure buildup while you sleep can exacerbate current pain or, over time, even cause pain! The best illustration of this, in my opinion, is if you’ve ever tried sleeping on your side on a firm mattress. You probably had a pretty sore shoulder the following day. Knowing where you might need pressure relief and whether a mattress can deliver it is therefore crucial.

I used the Serta Arctic mattress’ pressure map to figure this out. In essence, I lie on a sensor that I place on top of the mattress. Wherever there is a buildup of pressure, the pressure map will identify it and color-code the reading accordingly. Yellow and red indicate rising pressure, while blue and green denote little to no pressure.

My measurements for the Serta Arctic on a pressure map.

Back Pain – Lying on my back, you can see there is essentially no pressure buildup in my back. While I’m lying on it, the soft foam provides nice pressure relief for my back. On my side, there is a small buildup of pressure, but this is within the normal range for side sleeping. And on my stomach, while there is no pressure buildup, I definitely felt my hips sinking into the mattress, which can easily lead to back pain, as it puts your spine out of alignment.

Shoulder Pain – On my back, again you can see here that there is practically no pressure buildup around my shoulders. On my side, there is a small buildup showing on the map and honestly, my shoulder was the only spot where I did feel a little buildup of pressure while testing. I think as the foam molds around you, that pressure starts to dissipate a bit, but if you have more sensitive shoulders, this is something just to be aware of. Additionally, there was no shoulder pressure buildup when I slept on my stomach, but once more, the Serta Arctic is not a good bed for stomach sleepers.

Hip Pain – Looking at my hips on the back pressure map, there is a very low buildup of pressure, but this is within the acceptable range for back sleepers and personally, My hips didn’t feel pressed against in any way. On my side, there’s also that low level of pressure, but it’s in a good range and it is evenly distributed. While there isn’t any pressure buildup on my stomach, the hip-sinking motion can eventually cause pain.

Performance For Couples: Serta Arctic Mattress

I believe it’s crucial to take into account motion transfer, sex, cooling, and edge support when sharing a bed with your partner. I’ll discuss how the Serta Arctic fared in these tests in this section and decide whether or not this is a good mattress for couples.

Motion Transfer

Have you ever slept on a mattress with your partner that gave you the impression that you were on a trampoline whenever they moved? If you have, you are aware that a bed with a lot of motion transfer is not ideal for restful sleep. Finding a mattress that can isolate motion at the source and stop it from spreading across the bed is crucial for couples.

I dropped a 10 lb ball onto the mattress from various heights while measuring motion transfer with a seismograph to test this. Every drop is intended to simulate a different movement you might have in bed.

Results of Serta Arctic motion transfer.

The Serta Arctic performed admirably on this test! I was impressed with its ability to stifle motion and prevent it from transferring across the mattress. Foam mattresses are often great at isolating motion, as the foam can absorb it really well, so this wasn’t a surprising result. If you share your bed, you shouldn’t experience much disturbance from your partner on the Serta Arctic.


There’s a good chance that you use your bed for sex if you share it with a partner to sleep. Bouncy and responsive mattresses are the kind that are ideal for sex. Unfortunately, the Serta Arctic falls short in this regard. Because that top foam layer is so soft and conforming, it’s easy to feel a little stuck trying to move on this mattress.

Unresponsiveness is a problem with the Serta Arctic.


Couples should also take cooling into account. Since two people produce twice as much body heat as one, a cooling mattress can significantly improve the quality of your sleep if you or your partner prefer to sleep warm.

The Serta Arctic is a fantastic cooling mattress, as its name suggests. The Reactex System foam used in the top layer feels cool to the touch (I could feel it when I cut open the mattress, but you shouldn’t try it at home because it will void your warranty.) And the cooling gel memory foams used in the third layer will also help to draw heat away from your body. It feels cool to touch the bed’s surface even lightly.

Edge Support

Couples should also take edge support into account. Edge support basically refers to how well the edge of the bed supports weight. Your bed may appear larger because you can use the entire surface area without worrying that you’ll fall off the edge if it has a supportive edge.

Checking the Serta Arctic’s edge support.

I thought the Serta Arctic had pretty decent edge support along the sides, but not very good edge support at the end of the bed. Since the side edges are more of a concern for making the bed feel larger for couples, I believe it will be fine. The edge support isn’t that great, though, if you like to read or tie your shoes at the end of your bed.

What Materials Make Up The Serta Arctic Mattress?

Let’s look inside the Serta Arctic now. To see what makes up this mattress, I cut open the cover and the fire barrier. The Serta Arctic has an all-foam construction that combines gel foam, CustomFit HD Memory foam, and Serta’s Reactex System to provide a cool but comfortable sleeping environment. All of the foams used in the Serta Arctic have CertiPUR-US certification proving they are devoid of dangerous substances and pollutants.

The Serta Arctic mattress’s cover.

Cover – The cover of the Serta Arctic has a cool-to-the-touch feel, as it works in conjunction with the cooling foam below it to create a cool sleep surface. Additionally, it has a gorgeous pattern that has an icy and arctic vibe to it.

Reactex System – The first foam comfort layer is the Reactex System foam, which is very soft and contouring. This foam is also what helps to cool the cover of the mattress. I could tell this foam was cool as soon as I touched it after cutting open the mattress.

CustomFit HD Memory Foam – Below the Reactex foam is the CustomFit HD memory foam, which is also very contouring and has a slow response to pressure.

EverCool Fuze Gel Memory Foam – This transition layer between the slow-moving, contouring foams above and the sturdy support below is made with gel memory foam. This foam has a bit quicker response to pressure and the gel-infusions will help to draw heat away from the body as you sleep.

Serta Foam Core – The foundational Serta Foam Core layer is located at the base of the mattress. This foam is much denser and more supportive than the foams above it. It doesn’t really have any contouring or response to pressure, so it acts as a foundation for the upper layers.

Company Policies

It’s always a good idea to review the business’s policies when looking for a new mattress. The main points of Serta’s sleep trial period, warranty details, and return policy are highlighted below.

Warranty Info

The Serta Arctic mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty.

Sleep Trial

Serta gives customers 120 nights to try out their mattresses within the comfort of their own homes.

Return Policy

If you aren’t happy with your mattress during the initial 120-night sleep trial period, you can return it for a full refund.

Common Serta Mattress Complaints

One of the most well-known mattress manufacturers is Serta, and customers adore their helpful staff and high-quality goods. The Serta Arctic, however, has drawn criticism from some users who felt it was too soft for their tastes.

Fortunately, Serta makes this bed in a variety of firmness levels and offers a long trial period. As a result, you can easily switch to a different model if you decide the version with plush foam doesn’t work well.


How Long Will A Serta Arctic Mattress Last?

We anticipate the Serta Arctic to remain in good condition for the full 10-year warranty period. Naturally, if cared for properly, this mattress could last even longer.

Can The Serta Arctic Mattress Be Turned Over?

The Serta Arctic is not a flippable mattress. High-density foam is used at the bottom and comfort layers are used at the top. The mattress wouldn’t offer the best level of comfort and support if you flipped it.

With A Serta Arctic Mattress, Do I Need A Box Spring?

No, a base or foundation is not required for this bed because the mattress already has a supportive base layer. It can be put directly on a platform bed or bed frame.


The Twin XL and California King sizes of the Serta Arctic Premier Mattress are currently listed as sold out, but it is also available in Queen, King, and California King sizes. The 14.5″ Arctic Premier version of the mattress comes in Firm Foam or Plush Hybrid, while the 13.5″ Arctic version comes in Plush Foam or Medium Hybrid. Additionally, they offer a line of complementary cooling bedding items like sheets, mattress protectors, and pillows made of memory foam that work together to keep you cool all night.

To ensure that you love the mattress, Serta offers a 120-day in-home trial with free shipping and returns. The limited warranty for this mattress is 10 years.

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