Welding Beds: Everything You Want To Know

Welding Beds Everything You Want To Know

Do you know welding beds? What is a welding bed? Don’t worry, I will show you basic information about the welding bed.

About Welding Beds

The floor, side walls, back skirts, and corners of each welding bed are made of 3/16 thick steel plates. Most of the other parts are made from 12 plates. The price per bed is based on raw metal. The welding bed is ground, sanded, and ready for sandblasting. Installation is included in the base price of each welding bed.

Components Of Welding Beds

The rear toolbox is located in the back of the truck. 

These usually extend down the side walls of the body to allow maximum storage. All of our beds come in standard rectangular boxes. The 1/4 tube kit is also available for all bed styles at an additional cost.

LED Lights

Our lamps are 4 “round or 6” oval transparent lens lamps, all made in the USA.

Installation and disassembly of the truck base. 

We will install our bed and removing your bed is included in the base price. Of course, if you have some crazy ridiculous bed or contraption to dismantle, there may be an extra charge. Not sure, ask us.

Welding Beds Everything You Want To Know
Welding Beds Everything You Want To Know

Oxygen Cylinder Rack

Shelf orientation can be two bottles side by side, two bottles stacked on top of each other, or one bottle on its own.

Rod Box

Usually located at the rear of the acetylene bottle. There is usually a raised edge with a hinged lid at the edge of the floor.

Acetylene Bottle Hole

Normally, 1 or 2 bottles will be located on the passenger side behind the O2 rack. If you carry only one bottle, then we can usually increase the size of the bar box. Secure with a custom-sized ratchet strap.

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Guide Borehole

Some people want three, some people want four, and some people want one big one with a delimiter inside, which is essentially two big ones. The locks on these devices cost extra.

Differences Between South Tx And North Tx Coal Seams

South Texas, straight side walls between cab and axle do not match cab profile. This style also has a 2-inch tube at the bottom to form the pedals.

The side walls of the North Texas bunk, located between the cab and axle, match the contours of the truck’s route. This model also has a 4-inch tube that is half open at the bottom, compared to a 2-inch tube.


Above is basic information about welding beds. Hope this will help you a lot.

  • July 26, 2022