What is a Coverlet Exactly? the Ultimate Guide

What is a Coverlet Exactly the Ultimate Guide

Our guide covers all you need to know about coverlets, including answers to common questions like “what is a coverlet?” and “how is it different from other bedding?”

A coverlet is an additional layer of bedding used for warmth or decoration. It is offered in both plain and patterned styles.

Although they can be used as your primary bedding option in warm climates or seasons, coverlets are best used in cold climates or seasons as an additional layer over your comforter or duvet.

Although they are made of many different materials, cotton and linen are the most popular. Simply remove, fold, or arrange your coverlet however you like to change your bedding.

Learn more about coverlets and how to use them by reading the following paragraphs.

What is a Coverlet?

The distinctions between a coverlet, duvet, and comforter may go unnoticed by those with little experience in interior design or home product shopping. An ornamental coverlet is a non-reversible piece of bedding that is layered over a comforter.

Your bedding is shielded by a coverlet, which is frequently paired with coordinating pillowcases or shams. Shams are decorative quilts that have patterns that go with the coverlet and add extra padding to your pillows.

For your bedroom to look cohesive, you should shop for coverlets that include shams. If you’re fortunate, you might find a set that also comes with a bed skirt. Your finances will benefit from this.

What is a Coverlet Exactly? the Ultimate Guide
What is a Coverlet Exactly? the Ultimate Guide

A History of Coverlets

Coverlets began appearing in books in the 16th-century. They were originally known as “coverlids,” a word derived from the It’s likely that the first unofficial coverlets came from a Spanish-speaking region and were written in Catalan.

Wool was the main material used to make coverlets up until the 19th century. A cotton background served as a base for the dyeing of the wool used to make coverlets. Dark blue was the most typical color. Because they were frequently woven in a summer-winter pattern, they could be worn either way.

The materials used to fill modern coverlets can vary, and the majority of them are not reversible. In addition to cotton, muslin, and polyester, wool is still used to keep us warm. We’ll talk more about this later.

How is It Different from Other Bedding?

A coverlet is a more compact and lightweight bedding option than a comforter or bedspread. However, they are noticeably lighter and shorter (never going past the bed skirt), even though they can be used as an additional layer. They most closely resemble quilted blankets because of the similar woven or matelasse stitching. The coverlet lacks the layer of batting that is typically found between two sheets of fabric in quilts.

What is a Coverlet Exactly? the Ultimate Guide
What is a Coverlet Exactly? the Ultimate Guide

Why Should I Use a Coverlet?

The coverlet has numerous uses, both functional and decorative. For your duvet cover and sheets, the coverlet serves as a good intermediary, practically speaking. In the hot summer months, you can use it in place of your duvet, and warm sleepers can use it all year round as a thin blanket.

In particular, when tucked under a duvet, it serves as a decorative element. Simply put, your bed will look more finished and inviting the more textures you have on it.

When Should I Use a Coverlet?

Coverlets are very adaptable as a thin blanket. Use a coverlet over your sheets if you have trouble staying cool while you sleep and find your quilt or duvet to be too heavy in the summer. And then in the winter, a coverlet can be a great extra layer for warmth. You can easily leave a coverlet at the foot of your bed year-round if you’re using it as decor.

What is a Coverlet Exactly? the Ultimate Guide
What is a Coverlet Exactly? the Ultimate Guide

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How Should I Style a Coverlet?

The key to successful coverlets is variety. It should be fairly simple to find one that matches the vibe of your bedroom, whether you lean more toward farmhouse-chic or Scandi-cool, because they come in a variety of colors, patterns, materials, and styles.

You mainly have two choices for how to style a coverlet on your bed. It can first be folded and left on top of your duvet at the foot of your bed. Or your coverlet could be “made into the bed, pulled tight, and tucked around the mattress along with the sheet,” according to Bhargava, but you don’t have to completely tuck your coverlet away. “Fold the duvet cover back in half to cover the foot and show the coverlet,” she says.

Bottom Line: What is a Coverlet?

Nobody should use a coverlet. Duvets and duvet covers are popular choices. Some people want to go all out. Others desire a basic quilt that holds special meaning for them and some sheets.

You are now prepared to begin shopping for coverlets because you have learned everything there is to know about them. When looking for home decor, keep in mind that finding something that speaks to you is the most crucial thing you can do. Avoid using coverlets if that’s not your style. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  • January 17, 2023