SweetNight Mattress Reviews In 2022: Should You Buy It Or Not 

SweetNight Mattress Reviews In 2022 Should You Buy It Or Not

The SweetNight Twilight is a bed in a box hybrid mattress that’s sold at value prices. It also comes in two heights, so sleepers can choose from 10″ and 12″ models.

A quick look at SweetNight Mattress reviews: Several well-known retailers, including Amazon and Walmart, sell SweetNight mattresses. They focus on super-affordable memory foam and coil mattresses, with multiple thickness varieties, which translates to varied firmness and feel.

Most customers are satisfied with their purchase overall, but there are some complaints about initial expansion, comfort, and odor reported by some customers.

Is this the affordable hybrid mattress you’ve been looking for? Read our unbiased SweetNight mattress review to find out! We will go over all the information you require about this mattress, including its advantages and disadvantages, firmness and feel, construction, performance, and more.

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Customers’ Reviews Of SweetNight Mattress

Awesome Customer Service

outstanding customer service We bought a SweetNight mattress, which was delivered on time and in excellent shape. Sadly, I had to return the mattress because it was the wrong size for my wife and I. They honor their promise to make you happy, though!

Comfortable Pillows

I experimented with a number of pillows and discovered that the SweetNight (adjustable filling) was the most comfortable. Even though they are quite soft when they are first delivered, I usually give up one pillow to top off the others.

While The Mattress Did Not Work For Me…

I am giving five stars for the excellent customer service even though the mattress did not work for me (it was too soft for my comfort and liking). Through the entire process, Anny was incredibly kind and helpful. She considered various possibilities and alternatives, but sadly, neither worked, so she was able to process a full refund. Thank you.

Outstanding Customer Service!!

Although I wasn’t able to use the product, the customer service was excellent. Anny was extremely responsive, courteous, and professional. Nevertheless, we were able to come to a very agreeable conclusion, and I still advise purchasing a SweetNight mattress. If only all businesses provided such excellent customer service!!!!

Great Customer Service And Great…

Great products and excellent customer service. Sally from customer service did an amazing job of resolving my issue when I ordered the wrong mattress. Although SweetNight’s packaging is amazing, the box was seriously damaged, leaving no damage to the mattress. We are extremely happy with the mattress we received and it filled out the full 10″ in the middle as expected, 9″ around the edges in approximately 12 hours. We’ll buy from this company again.

Wonderful Company To Deal With

I purchased a pair of SweetNight pillows, but there was a slight issue with one of them because it required more filling. I contacted SweetNight, and they (Sally) immediately fixed the issue by sending me a replacement (even though I didn’t purchase directly from SweetNight). I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly everything was resolved, and I would definitely recommend this business because of their excellent customer service. After using the pillows for a few days, I can also say that they provide a lovely, comfortable, and restful night’s sleep.

SweetNight Twilight Mattress Overview

The SweetNight Twilight is a hybrid mattress that combines the advantages of an innerspring bed and a memory foam mattress. To create a responsive sleeping surface, it layers gel memory foam over tempered steel coils.

The Sweet Night brand, which makes and ships its products from its own factories, sells the mattress. (Additionally, Amazon sells the bed.) All of the company’s products use CertiPUR-US certified memory foams, which are safer for the environment and have fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than traditional foams.

Who Would Perhaps Enjoy The SweetNight Twilight?

  • Stomach sleepers
  • People who want a more responsive mattress
  • Folks who are looking for a more affordable mattress

The Sweet Night Twilight: Who Might Not Like It?

  • Side sleepers
  • People who prefer a memory foam mattress
  • People who want a luxury mattress

SweetNight’s Specifics

SweetNight offers both all-foam and coil mattresses with foam comfort layers. One of their big differentiators is their low prices for the size of their mattresses. One of their mattresses also features a flippable design with two firmness levels.

When it comes to customer experiences, many report satisfactory experiences, but there are others that reported issues with initial comfort and odor in some cases. For those looking for high value mattresses for their budget, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for the money.

SweetNight Mattress Reviews In 2022 Should You Buy It Or Not
SweetNight Mattress Reviews In 2022: Should You Buy It Or Not 

Quality Of Materials

SweetNight’s mattresses offer affordable materials and craftsmanship. While there are many that experience good amounts of initial comfort, there are some disagreements about perceived quality in some cases with some customer reports describing mattresses not expanding or feeling uneven in support and pressure relief.

We’ll go over the contents of each of their available mattresses.

Here is a full breakdown of what’s inside the 2-sided, 10” and 12” SweetNight Gel Memory Foam Sunkiss:

Cover Layer: The cover is made of an air-permeable rayon-cotton blend that wicks moisture from the top layer.

Layer 1: Depending on the mattress thickness selected, a gel infused memory foam layer provides pressure point relief and contour for the hips and shoulders. *Customers have expressed concerns about this layer not fully inflated and occasionally being firmer than anticipated.

Layer 2: Pressure is reduced while heat can be dispersed from the surface by a transitional ventilated foam.

Layer 3: A layer of zoned partition foam is created to support the spine while enabling pressure relief from the layers above.

Layer 4: A final layer of firm support foam with a high density adds to how supportive the mattress is.

Next, here is a full breakdown of what’s inside the 8”, 10”, or 12” SweetNight Breeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover is made of a rayon cotton blend, which helps wick moisture away while being breathable to control temperature.

Layer 1: Following the thickness chosen, there is a gel infused memory foam layer, which relieves pressure points and keeps cool. *Customers have mentioned issues with this layer not fully inflated or occasionally feeling different than expected.

Layer 2: A ventilated transitional foam layer provides air flow to diffuse heat from the surface, while providing some support to the spine.

Layer 3: The last layer is a high density base foam layer that gives more support for the body and structure to the mattress.

Next, here is a full breakdown of what’s inside the 10” or 12” SweetNight Island Pillow Top Hybrid:

Cover Layer: The cotton cover offers a fluffy, soft top layer. This layer also offers a gel infused memory foam layer, which provides a contour on the top layer. *Customers have mentioned issues with the top layers not expanding or, in some cases, feeling firmer than anticipated.

Layer 1: Below the pillow top layer, there is a comfort foam layer that enhances pressure relief, but also provides some support to the back.

Layer 2: Coils that are individually wrapped respond to each curve in the body differently and support it. *Customers call this layer firm and responsive.

Next, here is a full breakdown of what’s inside the 10” or 12” SweetNight Twilight Plush Pillow Top Hybrid:

Cover Layer: The cover is knitted cotton and features a breathable high density foam in the top layer, which is plush for added pressure relief. *Customers have reported problems with the top layer’s compression sometimes not expanding.

Layer 1: After the pillow top layer is a gel infused memory foam layer, which provides further pressure point relief for a plush feel.

Layer 2: Below, is another layer of high density foam, which further relieves pressure and acts as a transition for the support system below for an added quick response.

Layer 3: Individually wrapped coils adapt individually to the curves of the body to provide support for the body.

Lastly, here is a full breakdown of what’s inside the slim 8” SweetNight Ocean Blue Plush Pillow Top Hybrid:

Cover Layer: The top layer of the cover is made of breathable high density foam, which adds softness and additional pressure point relief. It is made of a soft, plush cotton material.

Layer 1: A layer of cooling gel infused memory foam provides added pressure point relief and contour, but due to the height of the mattress it still provides a firm feel overall.

Layer 2: The spine and body are strongly supported by pocketed coils. These coils provide a firm feeling, according to customers. See more about Serta Arctic Mattress Reviews

Overall Comfort

While most customers had good things to say, there were some reports of issues with initial comfort for customers. Those negative reviews often mentioned top layer comfort issues and non-expanding mattresses in some cases.


Consider the graph up top. Those that are softer and medium options may do best for slimmer side or back sleepers, while the firmer options are best for back and stomach sleepers.

Back Pain Relief

The majority of customers had positive things to say about the comfort and support, but a few complained about problems with uneven support that could occasionally be uncomfortable.


Customers have good things to say about heat retention overall with rare exceptions, which should provide peace of mind for those that sleep warm.

Company Policies

The SweetNight Twilight mattress has caught your attention. The company policies you will come across are listed below.

Warranty Info

All Sweet Night mattresses, including the SweetNight Twilight, come with a 10-year warranty.

Sleep Trial

The SweetNight Twilight comes with a 100-night sleep trial.

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with the SweetNight Twilight mattress, you can return it for a full refund during the 100-night sleep trial. To start a refund, get in touch with the company’s customer support staff.

How Does The SweetNight Measure Up To Other Mattresses?

You may be wondering how the SweetNight compares to its rivals. We compared the mattress that came in a bed-in-a-box to some of the top names in the industry.

SweetNight Vs. Casper

The SweetNight Twilight mattress is a hybrid, as opposed to the original Casper mattress, which is an all-foam bed. The Casper is zoned, whereas the SweetNight Twilight is not, making it more supportive in some areas and pressure-relieving in others.

Additionally, the firmness of these beds varies. We ranked the SweetNight Twilight around 7.5/10, while we ranked the Casper a bit softer around 7/10 (though still a touch firmer-than-average).

The Casper and the SweetNight Twilight have different vibes, too. The SweetNight Twilight has a responsive hybrid feel with a pillow-top on top, while the Casper has a balanced foam feel.

Furthermore, the cost of these beds varies. The SweetNight Twilight is a budget mattress that costs $428 for a Queen size. A similar-sized, original Casper mattress costs $1,095.

The SweetNight Should Be Given To Whom?

  • People who are looking to save money
  • Stomach sleepers

Those who ought to purchase Caspers

  • Back and side sleepers
  • People who want a more advanced mattress

SweetNight Vs. Nectar

The Nectar mattress is an all-foam option with substantial memory foam right on top. The support layer is where the Nectar and SweetNight differ most in terms of construction. Coils are present in the SweetNight, whereas the Nectar has a high-density base foam. On top of the Nectar mattress, you merely receive more foam.

Because of this, the mattresses do have a different feel. While the Nectar has a more traditional memory foam feel, the SweetNight has a responsive hybrid feel. It should feel as though you are gradually sinking in when you lay down on the Nectar. You should feel as though you are sleeping on top of the SweetNight because it is more bouncy.

The SweetNight Twilight is also firmer than the Nectar mattress: Since we are referring to the 10″ model, the 12″ model might be softer and closer to Nectar’s medium firmness.

Finally, the SweetNight mattress does cost less than the Nectar bed.

Who Should Receive The SweetNight?

  • Those who like a more responsive mattress
  • Fans of firmer mattresses
  • People on a budget

Who Is Deserving Of The Nectar?

  • Fans of memory foam
  • Side sleepers

SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress Policies And Faqs

How Much Does Shipping For The SweetNight Sunkiss Cost?

UPS charges $20 for shipping, while FedEx offers free shipping.

Has A Trial Period Been Established For The SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress?

The 100-night sleep trial is available, and it is risk-free.

Is A Mattress Warranty Offered With The SweetNight Sunkiss?

Yes, mattresses sold by SweetNight come with a 10-year warranty.

Will My SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress Work Without A Box Spring?

No, box springs are not required to use these beds.


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