Plank Mattress Reviews In 2023: Should You Buy It?

Plank Mattress Reviews In 2022 Should You Buy It

A mattress from Brooklyn Bedding called The Plank Firm has two sides made entirely of foam, each of which has a different firmness level. The Plank Firm could be exactly what you need if you find that the typical firm mattress is never quite firm enough for you.

Plank mattress reviews: despite what some sleepers might believe, there is a market for firmer mattresses. Rejoice, people with back issues, heavy sleepers, and those who simply prefer to sleep on firm surfaces! From Brooklyn Bedding, we have the Plank Firm mattress.

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Overview Of Plank Mattress

As one of the first businesses to support the mattress in a box movement, Brooklyn Bedding. The company now sells numerous mattress models along with foundations, mattress protectors, sheets, blankets, pillows, and more. The Aurora, the Signature, the Bowery Hybrid, the Spartan, the Bloom, the Titan, the EcoSleep, the Propel, and the Plank Firm are among the available mattresses.

The Plank, also known as the Plank Firm, is distinctive among the models offered by Brooklyn Bedding. This particular model is one of the firmest mattresses available, built to offer a flat, even surface. The Plank can be turned over, and there are different firmness options on each side of the mattress. On a scale of 1 to 10, the firmness of the mattress’ one side is 7, making it firm. The other side is extra firm, scoring a 9 on the firmness scale.

There are several foam layers in this mattress. There is also an optional cooling top panel available. Phase change molecule (PCM) fabric, used in the panel, is designed to be cool to the touch. Despite having a small effect on other performance elements, this enhances the mattress’ ability to regulate temperature.

Mattress Performance

The Plank’s unusually firm feel might cause more motion transfer than typical for models made entirely of foam.

Firm foams, which tend to absorb motion less than softer foams, are used on both sides of the Plank Mattress. As a result, when one partner moves or gets up in the middle of the night, there may be some vibrations felt throughout the bed. For those who are easily awakened, motion transfer may cause sleep disturbances.

Back Pain

I didn’t like the Plank Firm because I tend to sleep on my lighter side, but I believe that this firmness could help some people with back pain. Depending on how much support you require to maintain a straight spine, I’d suggest either side for stomach sleepers and the side with less firmness for back sleepers who prefer a slightly softer top layer.

Shoulder Pain

Because it’s not soft enough, I have a feeling that neither side of the Plank Firm would be suitable for side sleepers. The more firm side will undoubtedly be too harsh for the stomach and back, whereas the less firm side may work. Since pressure points are best targeted with some sinkage, it won’t be effective for everyone.

Hip Pain

I wouldn’t suggest the extra firm side to any sleepers because this pressure point requires a particularly soft approach. For my cushion-loving side sleepers, the less firm side is once again out. I also believe that a 6.5 (medium-firm) firmness rating would provide more relief for back sleepers. Depending on your personal needs, the firmness of this mattress may be just right or not enough to relieve pressure for stomach sleepers.

Plank Mattress Reviews In 2022 Should You Buy It
Plank Mattress Reviews In 2022: Should You Buy It?

Firmness And Feel

The Plank Mattress Has A Medium Firmness.

You can sleep on either side of the bed because Plank has two sides. Additionally original, it gives sleepers the option to select the firmness level they prefer.

The Plank mattress comes in two firmness levels –– one side is firmer than the other. This feature distinguishes Plank beds from other beds. Customers can test out both sides of the bed and choose the one that best suits their sleeping preferences. Alternately, you can use both sides of the mattress to increase its lifespan.

How Does The Plank Mattress Feel?

On the softer side of the Plank Bed, it feels firm and neutral; on the firmer side, it feels firmer. The mattress feels more like traditional responsive foam than viscous memory foam does in the bed. The top layers on both sides are still soft and comfortable, but you don’t sink into the bed. Your hips remain horizontally aligned with the rest of your body while you sleep more on top of the mattress.

Construction And Design

This mattress is 11.25″ thick overall and has four foam layers. Starting from the firm side and working down, here’s how the mattress is constructed:

  • Top layer on firm side: The top layer on the firm side of the Plank mattress is made up of 3/4&Prime of quilted soft proprietary foam for supportive comfort.
  • Second layer of TitanFlex support foam serves as the transition layer between the first and second foam layers.
  • 7 inches of high-density poly foam make up the bed’s main support layer.
  • Soft-side top layer: To provide more plush support on the bed’s softer side, there is 1.5″ of quilted soft proprietary foam.
  • a non-removable quilted cover that is wrapped around the four foam layers. Overall, it’s soft, comfortable and gives the bed a premium look.

The thickness of the soft proprietary foam the bed uses for its two end pieces is the main distinction between the two sides. While the soft side has 1.5″ of soft foam on top of the bed’s primary support layer, the firm side has 3/4″ of soft foam and a layer of firm support foam underneath.

Pressure Relief

The Plank is designed to provide a stable, even plane, unlike many foam mattresses that are made to closely conform to the body of the sleeper in order to relieve pressure points. The Plank does not relieve pressure points as much as many all-foam models do, for this reason.

Pressure may accumulate near a sleeper’s hips and shoulders because of the Plank’s restricted contouring. For side sleepers and those who are concerned about pressure points, the firmer side of the mattress may be a better choice because it has more give. It is unlikely that pressure will be relieved by the extra-firm side because it is one of the firmest sleep surfaces available.

Temperature Control

In contrast to many all-foam models, the Plank’s firm feel and optional cooling top panel encourage a cooler night’s sleep.

Sleepers do not sink as deeply into the Plank because it is firmer than the majority of mattresses currently on the market. Heat can dissipate as air can still circulate around the sleeping person’s body. In addition, the Plank uses a top layer that is less dense on each side than on some mattresses, which promotes more airflow inside the mattress.

The extra firm side of the Plank has an advantage when it comes to temperature regulation, even though both the firm and extra firm sides of the Plank sleep cooler than some mattresses. Very little sinkage is possible due to the exceptionally firm feeling, which also helps to trap very little heat.

People with a tendency to get hot should also think about using the top cooling panel. To further cool the mattress surface, this panel makes use of a PCM fabric.

Edge Support

The edges of the Plank Mattress are not reinforced, as they are with most all-foam models. When seated or sleeping close to the bed’s edge, this could cause some sinkage. While the Plank Mattress’ edges aren’t as strong as many innerspring or hybrid models’, the firmness of the mattress may make them feel more secure than the edges of many all-foam models. The majority of sleepers should be able to utilize the entire mattress surface thanks to this.

Ease Of Movement

The Plank’s firm feel reduces the likelihood of the “trapped in the bed” feel sometimes associated with all-foam models. Moving around on the plank might be simpler as a result.

The Plank contours very minimally because it is made to provide a firm, even surface. The Plank isn’t likely to leave much of an impression, unlike models with memory foam, which frequently retain the shape of the sleeper’s body and are slow to react to changes in pressure. Most people should be able to move freely across the mattress’ surface and switch positions thanks to this.


For most couples, the Plank Mattress might be moderately conducive to sex.

The Plank is an exception to the rule of all-foam models in that it lacks the innerspring and hybrid models’ characteristic springiness. The firm side of the mattress has more bounce than many all-foam models thanks to a latex-like quality in the polyfoam transition layer on this side.

Couples don’t need to worry about a creaky mattress attracting unwanted attention because the Plank Mattress is virtually silent.


Most new mattresses, including the Plank, may initially emit a “new mattress smell.” Due to their propensity to release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), all-foam models like the Plank are particularly vulnerable to off-gassing smells. Usually, no harm is attached to these chemicals.

Before using your new mattress, give it some time to air out to help cut down on VOCs and related odors. To do this, unpack your mattress and keep it in a room with good ventilation until the odors go away. In a few hours to a few days, most mattresses are completely air dried. See more about Nectar Premier Copper Mattress Review

Mattress Prices And Sizing

The Plank Mattress costs about what you would expect to pay for an all-foam model. Although there are less expensive options available, the Plank Mattress stands out due to its firm feel. Because of this, it offers good value for those seeking a solid, level sleeping surface. The six standard mattress sizes are offered for the Plank Mattress, and Brooklyn Bedding also creates custom sizes. For a fee, a cooling panel is an optional option.

Twin38″ x 74″11.75″58 lbs.$699
Twin XL38″ x 80″11.75″60 lbs.$799
Full53″ x 74″11.75″85 lbs.$949
Queen60″ x 80″11.75″100 lbs.$1,249
King76″ x 80″11.75″120 lbs.$1,499
California King72″ x 84″11.75″120 lbs.$1,499
Split California King36″ x 84″11.75″N/A$799
Short Full48″ x 74″11.75″N/A$949
Short Queen60″ x 74″11.75″N/A$1,249
Olympic Queen66″ x 80″11.75″N/A$1,249
Short King72″ x 75″11.75″N/A$1,499
RV King72″ x 80″11.75″N/A$1,499
RV King70″ x 74″11.75″N/A$1,499
RV King70″ x 80″11.75″N/A$1,499

What’s In The Plank Firm Mattress?

The five layers of The Plank Firm’s flippable mattress serve two purposes. After flipping the mattress over, the support layers on one side become the top layers. The firmer side of the logo is facing you when it is upright. I’ll be disassembling the Plank today with the extra-firm side facing out.

Extra Firm Cover

With the optional cooling top panel made of phase-change material, I put the Plank Firm to the test. This cool-touch material aids in releasing body heat. It’s a nice addition for those who sleep a little hot, but it raises the cost of the Plank Firm by between $100 and $150. PCM does have a slick feel that may cause your sheets to slide a bit, which some sleepers complain about. Before hitting the extra firm support layer, there is a small amount of pressure relief provided by the cover’s 1.5-inch foam quilting.

Extra Firm Support Layer

The next layer is 7 inches of high-density base foam, which responds quickly to pressure and is designed to offer immediate, firm support. The Plank Firm is unique in that HD poly foam, which is typically found lower in a bed and provides shape and support through a softer support layer, is used in a top layer. However, the Plank is meant to give ultra firm support, so this build actually gave us exactly what I expected. Here, stomach and strict back sleepers who require additional support for proper spinal alignment can get a good night’s rest.

Firm Comfort Layer

Below the beefy support layer, you’ll land on 2 inches of TitanFlex foam (a latex alternative) known for sleeping cool and providing a quick response to pressure. When flipping the mattress to its firm side, you might experience some sinkage because it wasn’t as firm as the HD poly foam. (This was unimportant on the extra firm side because all I felt was the 7 inches of HD poly foam.) No matter which side of the mattress the Plank Firm was on, neither I nor the Plank felt immobilized.

Firm Cover – The only difference between the cover on one side of the Plank Firm and the top cover is the quilting. The Titanflex is less when the bed is flipped, so there was only 0.75 inches of foam quilting on this side. Flipping the bed won’t help you escape the slickness of the cover because it is still there.

Plank Mattress Reviews
Plank Mattress Reviews

Do You Need The Plank Firm As A Mattress?

The Plank Firm mattress is an all-foam, flippable mattress with a firm side and an extra-firm side. One of the firmest mattresses I’ve ever tested is on the extra-firm side.

You probably want to know if this mattress is the right one for you before we go into all the details about it. The Plank Firm may or may not be suitable for you, depending on your size, preferred sleeping arrangement, and whether you share a bed with a partner or a pet. Listed below are a few of my suggestions.

Who I Recommend The Plank Firm Mattress For

  • I think the Plank Firm is one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers. These sleepers should receive the support they need to keep their hips aligned with their shoulders on both the firm side and the extra firm side of the mattress, which are both firm.
  • Back sleepers who like a firmer feel should be happy on the firm side of the They will have the support they require for a nice, straight spinal alignment if they perform a plank.
  • The Plank Firm could be a winner for combination sleepers. It has a decidedly bouncy and “on top” of the bed feel, which should make switching positions easy.

Who I Don’t Recommend The Plank Firm Mattress For

  • I wouldn’t recommend the Plank Firm to side sleepers. Both sides, in my opinion, are too rigid for their demands. If that describes you, I’d suggest looking through our roundup of the best mattresses for side sleepers.
  • While it is firm, the Plank Firm mattress doesn’t have great edge support, which larger individuals and couples might want so they don’t feel less supported on the side of the bed. Consider an innerspring mattress if you want more support.
  • The Plank Firm might not be the best choice for you if you’re in a relationship and are easily upset by your partner’s movements. It has fairly high motion transfer, which means you’re likely to feel your partner tossing and turning at night. I would suggest one of our top mattresses for couples if you sleep with a partner or a pet.

Company Policies Overview

You might be surprised by how simple and convenient it is to order a mattress online these days if you’re new to the bed-in-a-box idea. Companies like Plank (Brooklyn Bedding) offer very friendly customer policies:

  • Trial period — 120-night risk-free sleep trial. Which is a fairly typical trial timeline. Although it’s not the longest trial we’ve ever seen, there is plenty of time to decide if the mattress is the right fit for you.
  • Warranty — 10-year limited warranty
  • Shipping — Free delivery and returns. Despite being fairly common, we like to see it with the Plank mattress.

Plank Firm Mattress FAQs

Is Plank the Firmest Mattress?

The extra firm side of the Plank Mattress is one of the firmest sleep surfaces on the market, so there is very little give to contour to a side sleeper’s hips and shoulders. Particularly for side sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds, this might cause more pronounced pressure points.

How Hard is Plank Mattress?

The Brooklyn Bedding Plank mattress’ firmness rating is medium. On a scale of 1 to 10, the firm side of the Plank mattress ranges between 7.5-9. This rating is just a hair higher than a standard firm mattress. The ultra-firm side has a firmness rating of 9.5 to 10.5 and is the flattest sleep surface available.

How Long Does It Take for Plank Mattress to Expand?

To allow your mattress to decompress, carefully unwrap it or carefully cut away the plastic cover. This can take a few minutes to fully decompress. It should be noted that while decompression primarily happens within the first few minutes of unboxing, it can last up to 24 hours.

Do I Need To Use A Brooklyn Bedding Foundation With My New Mattress?

No, even though their bed frames and foundations are made for their beds, it doesn’t follow that others won’t function properly. Just make sure that whatever you use is in good condition and doesn’t allow for much flexibility.

My New Plank Firm Mattress Got Something Spilled On It. Can I Return It At This Time?

Both yes and no. The condition of the mattress will determine whether or not it can be donated to a nearby charity. Both the trial period and the warranty may be voided by damage. That is why we advise using a waterproof mattress protector on any new bed right away.

Is Sleeping On The Plank Firm Preferable To Lying Directly On The Ground?

The ultra-firm sleeping surface has a large following of supporters. Because of a few factors, we usually recommend extra-firm mattresses instead of lying directly on the ground. First, firm beds provide the necessary cushioning for your joints to prevent pressure sores and pain. The second is that if you sleep on the floor, you will be in close proximity to pests and allergens like mice and spiders. You may breathe easier and sleep deeper if you use a bed to sleep.


There are many positive aspects of the Plank mattress overall; it performs well in terms of motion isolation, edge support, and overall support. Nevertheless, not everyone will find it to be the ideal bed.

We see it being best for a certain type of person:

  1. You must first enjoy or require a firm bed.
  2. The next step is to spend most of your time sleeping on your back or stomach. Brooklyn Bedding Plank will not be appealing to side sleepers.

If you fit those requirements, we believe you’ll like the mattress.

I appreciate you reading.

  • September 23, 2022