Awara Mattress Review: Buy Or Not To Buy

Awara Mattress Review Buy Or Not To Buy

What is the Awara mattress review?

The Awara Latex Hybrid mattress offers a green perspective on the bedding industry. The idea is that using organic bedding will result in more restful sleep overall. To be completely honest, I’m always willing to try out green bedding.

The use of a natural and organic mattress has some benefits. The smell of the organic cover is the one you’ll pick up on first. Natural mattresses, like Awara, frequently have less of that new-mattress odor, and their organic covers frequently have a pleasant, almost earthy odor. Awara fits the bill in the same way, and in our opinion, it enhances the mattress’ green features perfectly.

This comprehensive Awara mattress review will cover everything you need to know about the mattress, including a full breakdown of its construction, pros and cons, firmness and feel, comfort, support, motion isolation, edge support, breathability, durability, and much more. Let’s dive in!

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Awara Mattress Overview

Consider the Awara Mattress if you prefer the feel of a supportive, bouncy mattress but want something that is more environmentally friendly. Awara’s natural/organic latex bed has several noteworthy advantages. First, natural latex is one of the best mattress materials for folks with allergies because it’s antimicrobial, and this characteristic can help prevent dust mites and other allergens from collecting in your mattress. For some sleepers, latex is a better option than memory foam or poly foam because it is a naturally cooler material.

For those who value natural and organic materials but don’t want to spend a fortune, like some $2,000 organic latex foam beds on the market, we believe the Awara mattress is a comfortable option. In this online mattress review, we’ll review the in’s and out’s of this mattress and why we think it is or isn’t worth your money.

Awara Mattress Review

Awara’s Specifics Review

Awara provides two hybrid latex mattresses that are focused on using natural Dunlop latex. Natural foam material called latex is produced from the rubber tree. With its naturally bouncy properties, it has a much more responsive feel versus memory foam. When it comes to overcoming chemical sensitivities and allergens, latex is much superior to synthetic foams, which is a big win for those who have sensitivities themselves or worry about the health of family members.

Awara has also focused on sustainability, a breath of fresh air to many consumers. With a partnership with Trees For The Future, trees are planted with the purchase of every mattress to support climate protection.

Quality Of Materials Review

Awara uses high quality natural Dunlop latex in their mattresses, organic cotton, zoned coil systems, and other naturally sourced materials. In order for you to understand how each mattress will interact with your body, we’ll go through each of their mattresses.

First, here is what’s inside the Mattress Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid:

Cover layer of New Zealand wool: The first layer is a luxurious cover with New Zealand Wool. It features organic cotton and New Zealand wool in a quilted design for a cozy, soft touch that keeps things cool on the top layer. The combination of organic wool and cotton from natural sources helps to wick away moisture, kill bacteria, and improve airflow.

Dunlop Latex Layer, Natural The first comfort layer is 2” of breathable 100% natural dunlop latex. This Rainforest-certified latex layer is medium-firmness and contours to your curves while supporting pressure points and joints. It is better for stomach and back sleeping than memory foam because it feels more responsive and firm.

Premium Coil Support Core: 8” premium individually wrapped coils provide additional support for the spine. Additionally, this layer aids in motion isolation so that even if your partner tosses and turns, you can stay cool and dry with plenty of airflow.

Easy-Move Base Layer: A cotton-blend cover is placed over this base layer. Also, there are 4 reinforced handles for easy moving, rotating, and lifting.

Next, the Awara Premier features more pressure relief with a sumptuous, pressure-relieving euro top. Here’s is what’s inside the Premier Latex Hybrid by Awara:

Euro Top Layer: The plush euro top layer offers smooth organic cotton and cozy 100% organic New Zealand wool so you stay cool and dry as you sleep. This layer relieves pressure to the hips and shoulders, ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers.

Dunlop Latex Layer, Natural 4” of rainforest alliance certified natural Dunlop latex offers a gentle, supportive feel that contours to your curves and supports pressure points and joints.

High-quality Coil Support Core: Similar to the Luxury Hybrid, the Premier comes with 8” premium individually wrapped coils that independently react to the spine, improve breathability, and reduce motion transfer, even if your partner tosses and turns.

Easy-Move Base Layer: The base layer offers a cotton blend wrapped cover, just like the Luxury Hybrid. Also, there are 4 reinforced handles for easy moving, rotating, and lifting.

Overall Comfort Review

Customers find the Awara mattresses exceptionally comfortable, with the Natural Luxury Hybrid being best for stomach and heavier sleepers that need more support. For side sleepers, the pressure-relieving euro-top is the best option. Happy customers describe a good mix of support and pressure relief, leading to longer sleep. With 10” and 12” heights and affordable entry prices, it offers high value for the money versus many other popular standard latex hybrid mattresses. What’s more, when compared to the average mattress, Awara reviewers are +2.3x more likely to mention that they love their mattress*.

Firmness Review

Awara mattresses are firmer than medium with the Luxury Hybrid being firmer and ideal for stomach sleepers. The Premier is the best option for side sleepers because it offers more contour while retaining the light bounce that latex mattress users adore. For those used to memory foam, latex has a slightly different feel in its response and most would enjoy the pressure relief of the Premier.

Back Pain Relief Review

The Awara mattresses are great for sleepers in all positions thanks to their thick latex comfort layers and premium pocketed coils, with the Premier offering more pressure relief. The support coils increase support for the middle spine and facilitate greater pressure relief as the body shifts into different sleeping positions.

Cooling Review

Latex naturally sleeps quite cool, and together with the airy coils and temperature regulating wool cover, most customers shouldn’t have any issues with heat retention at night.

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Awara: Who Might Enjoy It?

  • Hot sleepers who want a mattress that sleeps cool
  • Heavier people or people who need extra support for any reason
  • Folks who are looking for a long-lasting mattress that will serve as a long-term investment
  • Stomach or back sleepers, who should enjoy plenty of support on this mattress
  • Those who want one of the best firm mattresses out there

Whom Could The Awara Dislike?

  • People who prefer a medium-firm or softer mattress
  • Lightweight sleepers, who might find that this mattress feels too firm
  • Folks who prefer a slow-moving mattress without much bounce
  • Side sleepers, who probably won’t obtain adequate pressure relief on this mattress
Awara Mattress Review Buy Or Not To Buy
Awara Mattress Review: Buy Or Not To Buy

FAQs About Awara Mattress Review

What Is An Awara Mattress?

Two hybrid mattresses are offered by Awara: the Natural Hybrid Mattress and the Premier Natural Hybrid Mattress. Both mattresses are medium-firm and may be suitable for various types of sleepers, though the Natural Hybrid is a little firmer than the Premier model.

In its mattresses, Awara tries to avoid using synthetic materials and instead uses natural materials like wool, cotton, and latex foam. Both mattress models have a top layer of Dunlop latex, a cotton and wool cover, and a coil support layer. Awara does not use chemical fire retardants or foams made from petroleum.

Where Do I Find Awara Mattresses?

The company’s website allows you to buy an Awara mattress directly. Although you cannot physically test the mattress before buying it, the company does provide a 365-night at-home sleep trial. A compressed bed-in-a-box with an Awara mattress is delivered to your house in weatherproof packaging. Free no-contact shipping is provided by FedEx for orders placed within the contiguous United States. There will be a charge for delivering an order to residents of Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam. Your mattress should arrive between two and five business days after you place your order, though this estimate is subject to change. White glove delivery is not presently available from Awara.

Mattresses Made By Awara Smell?

Awara claims that there is no off-gassing, but natural latex may release a slight, non-toxic, and temporary odor upon initial unwrapping. As soon as a mattress is delivered, according to Awara, a customer can use it.

Do Awara Mattresses Require A Box Spring?

You should use a basic frame or a box spring for your mattress, according to Awara. Any base with a solid foundation will function. That includes a slatted platform or an adjustable frame.

The life of the mattress can be increased by using a frame or box spring to raise the mattress off the ground, where it can have the best possible ventilation and support.

How Long Do Mattresses Made By Awara Last?

Awara Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

The “Forever Warranty” from Awara is a limited lifetime warranty that covers your mattress for as long as you own it. This warranty is a lot longer than the 10- to 20-year ones that many other mattress companies provide. During the first ten years of your warranty, if your mattress has a covered defect, Awara will replace it at no cost to you. The business will choose between repairing and replacing a flawed mattress after ten years. Before sending you a replacement or repaired item, Awara will need the original item back. The shipping charges for moving the mattress both ways are your responsibility, but Awara will cover them if it can demonstrate that the mattress has a flaw resulting from production or materials.

Any mattresses that are no longer owned by the original owner are not covered by the warranty. It won’t cover mattresses that were misused, used on an inadequate foundation, or suffered burns, tears, spills, stains, or other damages.

How Do I Send My Awara Mattress Back?

Awara Trial Period: 365-night sleep trial

A 365-day trial period is provided by Awara. Contact Awara’s Sleep Concierge if you’re not satisfied with the mattress. If the mattress isn’t right for you, the concierge will assist you in removing it in the simplest way possible, and Awara will refund your money, less any applicable shipping or white-glove delivery costs.

How Long Does It Take An Awara Mattress To Expand?

It typically takes 48 to 72 hours for Awara mattresses to expand completely. Furthermore, there is a 30-day break-in period. The manufacturer claims that during this period, the mattress is less likely to expand or move than your body is.


The post focused on the Awara mattress review.

Despite the fact that Awara’s MSRP is higher than that of the typical bed-in-a-box offered for sale online, in this instance, you get what you pay for. Price increases are almost always caused by natural and organic materials as well as latex foam in general. In light of all of this, Awara is one of the more reasonably priced eco-friendly beds available.

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  • August 29, 2022