Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress Review: Should You Buy It Or Not? [2022]

Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress Review Should You Buy It Or Not [2022]

If you’re in the market for a mattress that combines the support of pocketed coils with the softness of memory foam, then consider the Hybridized Silk and Snow! This mattress isolates motion to keep you from being disturbed if you share a bed and helps keep your spine in alignment.

I conducted tests on the Silk & Snow Hybrid to identify its key characteristics, including firmness, pressure relief, motion transfer, and edge support, to assist you in determining whether it is the right mattress for you. To give you a sense of how the Silk & Snow Hybrid will feel, I also looked at the components that make it up.

Let’s talk about the company that made the mattress first, though, before I get into any of that.

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Affordability and luxury are combined by Silk & Snow in Canada. In addition to two mattress models, its product line also includes bed frames, duvets, sheets, pillows, and blankets. The Silk & Snow Mattress is a cost-effective all-foam model, while the Silk & Snow Hybrid combines coils and foam for a balanced feel.

It is a hybrid model, the Silk & Snow Hybrid. It has a zoned pocketed coil core, a comfort layer made of gel memory foam, a top layer of quilted cooling polyfoam, and an antimicrobial cover. Even though it costs more than Silk & Snow’s premium all-foam mattress, the Silk & Snow Hybrid is still a great deal compared to most other hybrid models on the market. The Silk & Snow Hybrid can accommodate sleepers of almost any weight range with any preference for position thanks to its medium firm feel (6 on a 10-point firmness scale).

We’ll look at the Silk & Snow Hybrid’s design, operation, cost, dimensions, feedback from customers, and policies. Finding out more information about this reasonably priced luxury hybrid may help you determine whether it satisfies your needs, objectives, and preferences.

What Materials Are Used In The Silk & Snow Hybrid?

I think the Silk & Snow Hybrid’s layer of individually wrapped pocketed coils provides a ton of support. Its hybrid status is due to this layer and the foam underneath it. It may make a difference whether you wake up feeling rested or in pain for the coils to help keep your hips elevated and your spine properly aligned.

For added comfort at the lower back, the Silk & Snow’s coiled layer is built with a lumbar support section in the center of the mattress. This is in addition to the support provided by the high-density polyfoam that surrounds the coiled layer.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid in for the Sleepopolis review

Let’s examine the interior layers to get a better idea of what makes the Silk & Snow so supportive.

Cover – To start us off, we have a 1″ polyester and spandex cover infused with silver, which can prevent bacteria growth — this is a big advantage if you struggle with allergies. You will benefit from the pressure-relieving properties of this contouring material because the cover also has memory foam quilted into it.

Comfort – Next up is the 2″ memory foam comfort layer infused with gel. The main cooling component of the mattress is this gel, which works to wick heat away from your body. Since memory foam has a slow response to pressure, you’ll get some tension relief as it contours to your body. You will sunk a little deeper into this layer, but you won’t feel confined. This brings us to the last layer, where the coils underneath keep you perched on top of the mattress.

Coils – Here, you’ll find a 6″ layer of pocketed coils. The mattress has bounce because the individually wrapped coils respond to pressure differently. Its great mobility, which is a result of this bounce, makes changing positions simpler.

Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

In line with the majority of models with comparable construction, the Silk & Sleep Hybrid isolates a moderate amount of motion. Most sleepers shouldn’t be bothered by their partner turning over or shifting positions because the mattress’ 1-inch polyfoam top and 2-inch memory foam comfort layer dampen motion. When one partner moves more vigorously than the other, bounce from the bed’s coil core may cause some motion transfer, but the coils are pocketed to reduce the spread of motion across the layer.

Pressure Relief

Pressure is relieved when the weight of the sleeper is distributed differently by a mattress, which reduces the pressure that typically accumulates near wider, heavier body parts. The 2-inch memory foam comfort layer of the Silk & Snow Hybrid conforms to the shape of the user to relieve pressure points. The bed’s medium firmness and the low density of its memory foam, however, do not provide the same close-conforming hug as some hybrid models with memory foam comfort layers.

Pressure relief is also affected by weight and sleeping position, and the Silk & Snow Hybrid should contour well enough for most stomach and back sleepers. However, side sleepers under 130 pounds might experience more pressure buildup around their hips and shoulders. Side sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds should also be able to sink in sufficiently for pressure relief.

Temperature Control

Hybrid mattresses frequently have generous airflow thanks to the coil cores, which helps to cool the bed’s surface. The Silk & Snow’s temperature regulation is comparable to or superior to many hybrids on the market thanks to its coil core and breathable design.

The memory foam comfort layer and polyfoam top layer both contain gel infusions that aid in wicking heat away from the body of the sleeper. The memory foam from Silk & Snow is a newer generation with a more open cell structure to let heat escape, whereas older generations of memory foam are frequently prone to trapping heat. In order to further combat heat buildup, air can also flow between the pocketed coils.

Edge Support

Many hybrid models have strong edges because of perimeter reinforcement in their coil cores. The Silk & Snow Hybrid is the same. The coil system’s outer layer is reinforced with a thick layer of firm foam, which also helps to prevent sinkage. The majority of sleepers should be able to sit or sleep close to the edge without feeling as though they might roll off or slide, increasing the total amount of usable mattress surface.

Ease Of Movement

Comparable to most hybrid models, the Silk & Snow Hybrid receives high marks for maneuverability. The comfort layer is memory foam, which conforms to the body. Because this foam is lower density, it should respond more quickly to changes in pressure to prevent the “trapped in the bed” feeling sometimes associated with memory foam comfort layers. The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is responsive thanks to the coil core, so most sleepers shouldn’t have any trouble shifting positions or moving around the bed’s surface.


Couples seeking a surface appropriate for both sleeping and sexual activity frequently choose hybrid models because they typically combine bounce and conforming.

Layers of polyfoam and memory foam in the Silk & Snow conform to the body, which can increase traction without significantly limiting movement. As for the bounce and responsiveness that most couples prefer for sex, that is provided by the bed’s coil core. Couples should not need to avoid the bed’s edge due to its sturdy perimeter. But as time passes, the springs might begin to squeak, making covert activity harder.


Because they are shipped compressed, new mattresses frequently have some manufacturing-related odors left over. Due to its breathable design, The Silk & Snow might initially have a slight odor, but it should dissipate fairly quickly. Similar to most hybrid models, this off-gassing occurs.

If the “new mattress smell” bothers you, you can unpack your mattress in a separate, well-ventilated room and leave it there until the mattress airs out. Within a few days, most odors ought to be undetectable.

Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress Review Should You Buy It Or Not [2022]
Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress Review: Should You Buy It Or Not? [2022]

Trial, Warranty, And Shipping Policies


The Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is available for delivery in Canada and the United States. Customers have two options for purchasing their Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress: online at the company’s website or in person at its Toronto showroom.


Within the contiguous United States and provinces of Canada, Silk & Snow offers free shipping on all mattresses. There will be a non-refundable shipping charge for customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and the Canadian territories.
Even though mattresses ship as soon as possible, transit times change depending on the location. Within 2 to 7 business days of shipment, the majority of customers in the contiguous United States and Canada can anticipate receiving their mattress. It should take 7 to 9 days for customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and the Canadian territories to receive their mattress after it ships.
Silk & Snow ships using a variety of courier services, including UPS, USPS, Loomis Express, and/or Canada Post. The bed is delivered compressed in a box to the place where you typically receive shipments. There’s no need to sign this.
Similar to other mattress-in-a-box designs, the customer is in charge of bringing the packaged mattress into their home, moving it to the desired room, unpacking it, and setting it up.

Additional Services

Currently, Silk & Snow does not provide White Glove delivery or old mattress removal.

Sleep Trial

Customers can test the mattress out at home with Silk & Snow’s 100-night sleep trial. Customers may return their mattresses for a full refund of the purchase price following the required 30-night break-in period. The unwanted mattress will be collected by one of Silk & Snow’s charity partners on their behalf. Each household is allowed to return one mattress.


The 15-year limited warranty for the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is partially prorated. This warranty covers physical flaws that cause cracking or splitting in the foam as well as indentations larger than 2 inches.
If Silk & Snow determines that a mattress has a qualifying defect, it may choose to either repair or replace the mattress. Transport costs for bringing the mattress back to the business will be the owner’s responsibility. The mattress will be repaired or replaced by Silk & Snow at no additional cost for the first ten years of the warranty. Owners will be charged for repairs and/or replacements for the balance of the warranty at a rate of 75% of the original purchase price.
The owner must be the person who originally bought the mattress from Silk & Snow in order to be eligible for warranty protection. The mattress must be used on a proper foundation, with the law tags still attached. Damage caused by mistreatment or abuse is not covered. There are more restrictions in place.

Most Ideal For…

Side Sleepers, Back Sleepers

Our Hybrid Mattress is a great option for both side and back sleepers because of its winning combination of 4 lb memory foam and strong Canadian pocket coils. You’ll feel the plush memory foam comfort layer, supported by the pocket coils – perfect for most sleepers

Hot Sleepers

Traditional foam mattresses have a unique propensity for heat retention. Our mattress’ hybrid construction naturally promotes greater airflow, which reduces heat retention. For this reason, the Hybrid Mattress is a great choice for those who sleep hot

First Time Bed-in-a-box Shoppers

The traditional mattress type currently available in big box stores is the innerspring mattress. Pocket coils, an innovative upgrade over innerspring coils, are used in our hybrid mattress. This means our Hybrid Mattress has a familiar (but improved) feel compared to other mattresses


When compared to mattresses that use innerspring coils, our hybrid mattress uses pocket coils, which helps to reduce motion transfer. If you sleep with a partner, this is ideal for you!

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Is The Silk & Snow Hybrid Worth Buying?

Are you still debating whether the Silk & Snow Hybrid is the best option for you? Let me give you my list of benefits and drawbacks to assist you in making a decision.

Silk & Snow Hybrid Pros

  • I think it offers the stomach sleepers enough firmness to keep their hips from sinking in uncomfortably deep.
  • I also think the coiled layer provides great support for heavy people who want to stay on top of their mattress.
  • In my opinion, couples are likely to appreciate its sturdy edge support and its ability to isolate motion.

Silk & Snow Hybrid Cons

  • I think it isn’t soft enough for side sleepers. Given that it doesn’t have a lot of pressure-relieving memory foam, I think it could lead to some side sleepers feeling jammed up in their shoulders
  • Since it doesn’t offer many cooling features, I think you’re likely to get hot at night on this mattress. Therefore, if you frequently overheat at night, you might not want to go with this.


With The Silk & Snow Hybrid, Is A Box Spring Required?

Fortunately, this mattress does not require a box spring, though you are welcome to use one if you prefer.

The Silk & Snow Hybrid Can It Be Flipped?

Silk & Snow Hybrid should not be flipped. Flipping this would probably be extremely uncomfortable since it is intended to feel a certain way, with the comfort layers on top and the support layers below.

Where Are The Mattresses Made By Silk & Snow Made?

Each Silk & Snow mattress is made in Canada

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