Duxiana Bed Reviews: All You Want To Know

Duxiana Bed Reviews All You Want To Know

Duxiana offers hybrid mattresses. The company’s current inventory includes four mattresses in total. All four share the same general construction, which consists of the following three components:

  • a cotton-covered, removable latex “Xupport” pad.
  • a top layer with a zipper that holds six “spring cassettes” made of metallic coils. The mattress users can alter the feel of their mattress by moving the cassettes around the layer; there are four different firmness ratings on the cassettes: soft, medium, and firm. The “Pascal” comfort system is the name of this component.
  • at least one layer of coils made from continuous wire.

The thickness/number of continuous-wire coil layers and price point of the four DUX mattress models from Duxiana vary from one another. Below is a list of them in order of price, highest to lowest.

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What You Need to Know

THE GOOD: Reputable, above-average longevity, adjustable firmness/support, above-average pain relief, and attractive appearance.

THE BAD: Costly, with a dubious return policy, a mediocre warranty, the potential for frequent, expensive maintenance, being heavy, and having a limited supply.

THE BEDS: Swedish-made spring-based (continuous coil) mattresses with a high spring count (1,200–3,300 in a queen) are produced by Duxiana, a company that has been around since 1926. An interchangeable cotton-covered latex top is another feature of the beds. For each side of the bed, some models offer a unique comfort zone.

What You Need to Know About the Duxiana Mattress

Basic Information of DUX Mattress

To give you a general idea of the brand, the table below ranks Dux mattresses according to size, type, price, thickness, and the materials used in the comfort layer.

SizeMattress TypePriceThicknessComfort Layer
Twin, Full, Queen, KingInnerspring$3,700 – 12,6009.25” – 12.5”Cotton-covered latex

Lifespan & Firmness

Dux Beds can be repaired with new parts, like a new topper, to significantly extend its lifespan, unlike most innerspring mattresses. When given a wide range of firmness options, people are more likely to choose Dux because it has roomy comfort zones that allow for back, leg, and shoulder adjustment.

Conforming Ability

When a mattress conforms well to the body of the sleeper, there are no pressure points, which makes for a more comfortable experience. The memory or latex models of Dux beds typically outperform average solutions to this problem.

Motion Isolation & Couple Friendly

The Dux Bed’s continuous coil system outperforms the average mattress in terms of reducing motion transfer from one person to another. Couples find that Dux performs better with beds made of latex than it does with innerspring or memory foam mattresses.

Edge Support

People who use mattresses with good edge support can sit or sleep on the side of the bed without falling off. When it comes to edge support, Dux outperforms the typical mattress.

Initial Odor & Noise

Somewhat pungent odors might emanate from the latex top of the Dux mattress. According to reports, Dux makes noises like squeaking or creaking while being used.

Sleeping Hot & Topper Usage

Duxiana most likely has the unwelcome heat retention that some people find to be bothersome. Based on their requirements and needs, customers can choose whether or not to add a topper to the mattress.

Break-in Period & Move

Due to the variety of firmness levels, people can quickly get used to Dux mattresses. Dux beds are heavier than the average bed, making them difficult for people to handle and move.

Duxiana Bed Reviews All You Want To Know
Duxiana Bed Reviews: All You Want To Know

Person Size & Sleep Position Suitability

According to your size, body type, and sleeping position, the performance of various Duxiana (Dux) Mattress models is shown in the table below. It aids in helping you select the mattress models that are the most comfortable for you.

Sleep PositionAve-sized People (130-230 lbs)Large-sized People (230+ lbs)Small-sized People (Under 130 lbs)
Back Sleep FriendlyGoodFairGood
Side Sleep FriendlyExcellentGoodExcellent
Stomach Sleep FriendlyGoodFairGood

Construction and Firmness

Duxiana mattresses have spring cassettes that can be reconfigured for different levels of firmness on either side of the bed. As a result, every user will rate a DUX mattress’ firmness differently.

The table below provides a partial breakdown of the parts and measurements for all four DUX mattresses.

Please be aware that all coil counts listed on this page are for Queen-size mattresses; Duxiana does not disclose specific layer thicknesses or coil gauges.

Product NameFirmness RatingThickness (Including Cover)Support Core ComponentsComfort Layer ComponentsCover Components
DUX 10014 (Medium Soft)
5.5 (Medium Firm)
6.5 (Firm)
12 1/4″1 Layer of Continuous-Wire Coils (1,776)6 Spring Cassettes2 1/2″Latex with Cotton Encasement
DUX 30034 (Medium Soft)
5.5 (Medium Firm)
6.5 (Firm)
16″2 Layers of Continuous-Wire Coils (2,364)6 Spring Cassettes2 1/2″Latex with Cotton Encasement
DUX 60064 (Medium Soft)
5.5 (Medium Firm)
6.5 (Firm)
20″2 Layers of Continuous-Wire Coils (3,288)6 Spring Cassettes2 1/2″Latex with Cotton Encasement
DUX 80084 (Medium Soft)
5.5 (Medium Firm)
6.5 (Firm)
20″2 Layers of Continuous-Wire Coils (3,288)6 Spring Cassettes2 1/2″Latex with Cotton Encasement

On a scale from 1 to 10, firmness is rated. Visit our Mattress Firmness page for more details on how firmness is determined.


The only place to buy Duxiana mattresses is at one of their physical stores; they are not offered online. There are currently 25 locations of the company open for business in North America.

These shops can be found in Arizona, British Columbia, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Washington, and Washington, D.C. Online, one can find a complete list of Duxiana stores in North America.

Other nations where Duxiana has stores include Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, China, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

  • Delivery InformationDuxiana mattresses are only sold in its physical stores. When visiting one of these locations, customers should enquire about delivery information.
  • Trial Period & GaraunteeDuxiana’s website does not include information about their sleep trial or return policy.
    When we contacted customer service, they advised us that Duxiana mattresses could be returned within 30 days of the initial purchase. A return fee of 20% of the original item cost is charged to customers who want to send their mattresses back.
  • Warranty DetailsEvery DUX mattress is covered by a 20-year warranty from Duxiana.
    1. Warranty coverage is divided into two periods:
      • Duxiana will not charge the owner for any repairs or replacements of damaged mattresses during the first five years of the warranty, which is nonprorated.
      • Prorated coverage will be provided for the final 15 years of the warranty. In the event that the mattress needs to be repaired, owners will be charged for all shipping and handling fees. If a mattress needs to be replaced, the owner is responsible for paying a prorated fee that varies according to the length of time the mattress has been in their possession. The prorated fee schedule is kept secret by Duxiana.
    2. On the Duxiana website, it is stated that the warranty will cover “springs that might break under normal wear and tear.” Other problems that are or are not covered by the warranty are not disclosed by the company.
    3. Any client with a warranty claim ought to get in touch with the Duxiana shop where the mattress was first bought.

Final Words

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  • November 11, 2022