How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Food: Surprising Answer

Quick Answer To How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Food

Bed bugs are very resilient creatures. They can live in a varied range of temperatures from the very cold to the very hot. They move quickly, mostly come out at night and they are flat shaped at the top which makes it easier to hide in crevices.

They are also very good at surviving without feeding. Many people wonder how long can bed bugs live without food? The answer may surprise you!

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

No count the place you stay in the world, you are in all likelihood to locate Bed Bugs someplace close to your home. These creatures are notably adaptable to temperature. They are determined from the coldest winters in Canada to the most up to date summers in India and the Middle East.

These creatures can conceal in luggage, luggage and even garb and stroll from one location to another. Bed Bugs breed shortly and they can commence infestation inside months. This makes Bed Bugs a very serious threat, specially in cities.

In most cases, Bed Bugs can interfere on carpets and furnishings besides your knowledge. They constantly lived in the colonies. If you locate one or two in your home, probabilities are there are more.

Population Growth 

Bed bugs do not develop as quickly as some different pests. An person woman Bed Bug lays an egg a day. It takes 10 days for the eggs to hatch and every other 5 to six weeks for the worms to attain adulthood.

By comparison, a traditional housefly lays about five hundred eggs in three to 4 days. Female mosquitoes additionally lay dozens of eggs every day.

What makes Bed Bugs even extra hazardous is that their numbers are developing very slowly. You do not even recognize you have a trouble till the colony receives too large to handle. A single lady added indoors can develop into a colony of hundreds of Bed Bugs in three months.

You may also no longer be in a position to get rid of Bed Bugs completely, even if you should by hook or by crook give up them from eating. However, limiting their publicity to blood does limit the unfold of infection.

Newly hatched bugs and nymphs want to be fed at least as soon as a week to pass on to the subsequent stage. If the bugs do not feed in time, they die, subsequently inflicting the colony to fail.

Female Bed Bugs that do now not consume additionally cease laying eggs after a few weeks barring food. See more about Early Bed Bug Stains On Sheets

Bed Bug Feeding Cycle

Bed Bugs do no longer feed on natural waste or meals scraps like most different family insects. Their mouth is formed to devour solely blood. They cannot procedure the blood of different mammals and can solely feed on human blood.

This skill that if they invade your home, you and different household individuals are their predominant supply of food.

There is a great false impression about Bed Bug feeding time, with many human beings believing Bed Bugs solely come out to feed at night. Although Bed Bugs are nocturnal animals, they can go out for meals when hungry.

Many human beings who locate Bed Bugs in their residences strive to starve them to loss of life by means of proscribing their get admission to to food. They had been given distinctive beds and furnishings to hold them away. Some humans lock up their residences and cross out for a few weeks, hoping the bugs will die except food.

It does not work. Studies have proven that an grownup Bed Bug can stay up to four hundred days barring food. Since their mouths are no longer used for ingesting some thing else, going barring meals for lengthy durations of time may additionally appear challenging to believe, however it is true. 

Will Bed Bugs Die Without Food?

Some elements have an effect on how mattress bugs don’t die barring food. First and foremost, surviving except meals is no longer relevant amongst younger bugs considering that they’re now not thoroughly developed. Activity tiers and habitat have some thing to do with survival regardless of no longer consuming anything.

Those that dwell in a smaller location can live to tell the tale longer because they have small floor to go round when searching for food. Thus, they don’t burn out a lot of energy.

Quick Answer To How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Food
Quick Answer To How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Food

Temperature and humidity have a function too. In a bloodless room, mattress bugs use much less strength which promotes prolonged life.

Bed Bugs’ Food Source

Bed bugs feed on humans, and they do it generally at night time as it’s dozing time. They chunk the uncovered physique components such as the face, hands, arms, and neck.

These bugs have elongated mouthparts that are used to pierce the human pores and skin so they can suck blood. The mouthpart has 4 stylets that are folded when now not in use. But they lengthen throughout feeding time. This endeavor doesn’t wake any individual up from sleep.

What Do Bed Bugs Eat Other Than Blood?

Bed bugs mainly feed on human blood, however they can additionally flip into warm-blooded animals like rodents, cats, dogs, and birds. These animals emit carbon monoxide that attracts these bugs that reply properly to moisture and warmth.

What Will Happen When Bed Bugs Suck Blood?

It’s acknowledged that mattress bugs use herbal anesthetic or their saliva when feeding on blood. That’s why they have two maxillary cells for the transport of saliva and getting into the bodily fluids of the host. This saliva is launched through the mattress malicious program to forestall coagulation.

The saliva that they left on human pores and skin will have an damaging impact later on. The character can start scratching his or her pores and skin which turns into aggravated due to the fact of the chew and the saliva.

A sure location of the pores and skin receives contaminated as scratching continues. It will take a day or greater for swelling to appear. This signal is every now and then unsuitable as the doing of mosquitoes.

Due to the itchiness of the crimson welts, human beings who bought bitten journey emotional distress, anxiety, insomnia, and gadget reactions. Also, the crimson bites are now not a excellent sight to see. These penalties normally set off these who stay in an infested house.

Some might also have allergic reactions that lead to anaphylaxis, a serious response of the complete body. A secondary contamination can additionally manifest like lymphangitis, impetigo, and ecthyma.

When mattress bugs overfeed from one host, there’s a huge amount of blood loss considering that they can devour blood six instances their physique size. Affecting malnourished teenagers can lead to anemia.

It’s a large alleviation as these bugs don’t raise pathogens that can purpose illnesses amongst humans. Also, they can’t be the service of viral AIDS, HIV, and hepatitis B.

Can Bed Bugs Get Into Your Bloodstream?

Bed bugs don’t get into your bloodstream as they solely chunk people and depart their saliva.

Do Bed Bugs Eat Every Night?

Bed bugs don’t consume each and every night. Both grownup adult males and ladies can feed each and every three or 4 days. The blood that they get from their host for 10 to 15 minutes can’t make them hungry for a few days.

How Much Does A Bed Bug Eat?

Surprisingly, a mattress malicious program can eat blood that is six instances the weight of its physique in a single feeding. It can obtain this quantity in a count number of three to 5 minutes.

What Do Bugs Do After Feeding?

After the girl mattress malicious program is nicely fed, she can lay a complete of five hundred eggs in her lifetime. These eggs are in my opinion laid out in the website online the place adults and larvae additionally dwell.

In these places, you’ll possibly see yellowish or reddish black tiny spots, which are the proof of the digested blood. A huge infestation brings a sweetish scent that got here from the scent glands. Bed bugs normally remain in sofas, beds, and different resting areas.

Blood feeding is additionally worried in the improvement of eggs into an adult. The increase of mattress bugs is termed gradual metamorphosis. These bugs want blood to molt and proceed to the subsequent lifestyles segment as there are 5 larval stages.

Adults can live on barring meals given the best temperature. It additionally occurs to the egg and larval, however their improvement is put to a halt. Female mattress bugs can’t additionally lay eggs besides ingesting blood.

What Do Bed Bugs Hate?

Bed bugs hate mountaineering plastic surfaces, so they will in no way continue to be on a easy surface. Some put litter in plastic containers as a way of controlling the infestation.

A learn about at Rutgers University determined that integral oils are advantageous in warding off mattress bugs. However, it’s but to decide the actual quantity of these oils in eradicating mattress bugs.

What Kills Bed Bugs Quickly?

There are many ways to get rid of bed bugs, but the following process can have an immediate effect.


Fumigation is the use of deadly gases to completely destroy pests such as Bed Bugs. The procedure kills bacteria at all stages of life. This can be costly, but is usually the ultimate solution to serious pests.

Prior to this process, residents should leave the house or building.

If fumigation of buildings is not possible, containerization is another option. This involves following a prescribed procedure to move the furniture to a specific area or truck.

Although fumigation can eliminate bed bugs completely, there is no guarantee that bed bugs will be eliminated.


The steam is about 100°C and kills bed bugs instantly. Both professional and consumer ships can perform the necessary work. Small steam engines like The McCulloch Can steam Cleaner, Bissell SteamShot Steam Cleaner and Kiato Portable steam engine are worth it because they solve your bug problem.

Let the steam pass through the edges of the bed frame, the mattress, the seams of the sofa and corners where Bed Bugs might hide. If you’re worried about the bugs blowing away, you can put a towel on top of the steamer. You have to move the steamer slowly so it can reach the worms behind the fabric and cracks.

Steam should be sprayed directly on the furniture, as some bugs may fall off. Steam again a few days later to make sure all the bugs are removed. Be careful when using steam as it can damage fabrics such as furniture and microfibers.

How Can I Treat Bed Bugs with Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatoms that exist in lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans leave behind diatomaceous earth. These organisms’ skeletons are formed of silicon dioxide, a substance made of silica and oxygen.

The exoskeleton of insects like bed bugs finds these substances to be abrasive. As a result, it is utilized to manage pests.

Diatomaceous earth is frequently sold as dust and is used to kill insects. Some might be in powdered or pressurized liquid form. With the use of a brush, the dust or powder form can be applied.

You must carefully avoid creating a cloud as you sweep it about the suspected region.

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Bed Bug Survival Without Food: Factors to Consider

Several factors determine how long Bed Bugs can survive without food. The first is the age of the worm.

The most obvious factor is the age of insects. The life cycle of Bed Bugs includes five stages from hatching to adulthood. Before molting and growing to the next stage of life, insects must eat at least once at each stage. If a Bed Bug does not eat for several weeks at each stage of its growth, it will die.

At every stage of life, they live longer without eating. Once they develop into full adulthood, they can survive for up to a year without eating. A study even showed that adult Bed Bugs can survive for 18 months without eating, as long as other living conditions are the best.

Another factor affecting their survival is their habitat and activity level. Bed Bugs that nest near beds or other furniture require less travel to find food. If insects don’t have to move too far, they can live longer without food. Insects that need to travel long distances to eat need more time.

Temperature is also important. In cold living conditions, Bed Bugs consume less energy and remain dormant. Under high temperatures, their bodies will consume more energy, and they must eat regularly to survive.

There was a detailed study on Bed Bugs in 2009. Entomologists have studied various Bed Bug nymphs, which are fed only once and allowed to develop to their first age. These bugs were not fed subsequently. There was a significant difference in survival time at different temperatures.

Researchers found that at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the first adult stage of Bed Bugs lasts an average of 28 days. At a temperature of 98.6 degrees Celsius, bacteria can only survive for an average of 17 days.


Because they don’t eat organic garbage, dead skin, or leftover crumbs, bed bugs are different from other parasites. Unfortunately, these little, reddish-brown bugs only eat human blood.

They are capable of surviving even for a year without it. As they leave a red, painful welt after biting someone’s flesh, this resistance is not good.

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