Futon Mattress Sizes – The Ultimate Guide

Futon Mattress Sizes - The Ultimate Guide

Contrary to popular belief, the dimensions of a futon mattress match those of a standard mattress exactly.

Whether you’re in the market for a new futon or are just looking for a cover or to upgrade the mattress pad, you should get a good idea of the size of your futon.

Standard Futon Mattress Sizes

Let’s begin with the standard futon sizes, and I have great news for you here:

Most of the modern best futon mattresses are equal in size to the standard beds.

Typically, they come in four sizes:

  • Twin: 38 x 75 inches;
  • Full: 54 x 75 inches;
  • Queen: 60 x 80 inches;
  • King: 76 x 80 inches.

Let’s now examine who each size will most favorably affect.

Twin Futon

The Twin futon is the smallest size on the market. It can fit a child or a lone adult sleeper, just like a standard Twin-sized mattress. The construction of futons is different, though, and this results in a lighter weight. Therefore, if you have a Twin-sized futon, its weight makes it simple to bring it outside for camping or turn your child’s bedroom into a second guest room.

To sum up, you will love a Twin futon bed, if you:

  • need extra sleeping space for your kid’s friends;
  • want a versatile mattress that you can take outdoors;
  • need a guest mattress for small spaces.

Full Futon

Since every brand you search for has a Full-sized mattress, full-sized futons are actually the most prevalent on the market. Full futons can accommodate two average adult sleepers, or a single overweight sleeper, and can be used as a regular sleeping space. Additionally, they are a little thicker than Twin-sized futons, so if you need a mattress with a hugger-style feel, you might want to take a look at this futon.

Queen Futon

Another typical futon size is this one. This futon can easily accommodate two adult sleepers of all body types, just like a regular Queen-sized bed.

For occasional or regular sleeping arrangements, a queen futon is fantastic. You can roll it up and store it away when not in use, which is great if you live in an apartment without a separate bedroom and want to keep your space functional.

Although queen futons can be made in a variety of ways and range in firmness, the most popular design features a mattress that is tightly padded with cotton or fiberfill. Despite the fact that it needs more thorough airing out to prevent the growth of mold, it is still significantly lighter than a typical mattress.

King Futon

King-sized futons are the largest available size and are ideal for taller and larger sleepers. You have more room to spread out and get comfortable because it is wider than a Queen futon mattress.

Note that, unlike regular King mattresses, which are pretty standard, King futons aren’t that easy to find, and not all major brands offer them. If you do manage to find one, it will likely cost more than more typical futon sizes.

Futon Mattress Sizes - The Ultimate Guide
Futon Mattress Sizes – The Ultimate Guide

Non-Standard Futon Mattress Dimensions and Their Characteristics

When looking for futons, you might run across a few additional configurations in addition to the four standard sizes.

These configurations go beyond the typical futon sizes chart, but you still need to be aware of them in order to avoid confusion. Or perhaps you’ll want to purchase one of these.

Chair (Lounger)

They are the smallest option you will discover on the market, and you guessed it, they work with futon chairs. This piece of furniture can be used in place of an armchair in your living room or it can recline into a lounger that you can use on occasion as a place to sleep. The chair futon typically has a bi-fold design and measures 54 x 28 inches in the unfolded state.

As you can see, unless you’re using it for a small child, this isn’t enough space for sleeping. However, you can solve the problem by adding an ottoman, which measures 21 inches long and has the same width as the chair. Frequently, ottomans and chairs are offered for sale as a set.


Loveseat futon measures 54 x 54 inches and corresponds to a futon frame of the same size. Loveseat futons are frequently used as seating in living rooms or on verandas. They can accommodate two or three people, which makes them a great choice for those who love friend gatherings.

A full-size bed’s worth of sleeping space can be obtained by incorporating an ottoman section that measures 54 x 21 inches.


Split futons have a seating area and an ottoman area. This configuration is typically used with futon frames that have a pull-out ottoman section, and here are the dimensions:

  • Twin split:39 x 54 inch sitting section + 39 x 21 inch ottoman;
  • Queen split: 54 x 60 inch sitting section + 26 x 60 inch ottoman.

Ideal Futon Mattresses

While many futon mattresses can double as sofa cushions, if you want to replace one with a more “mattressy” mattress, you do have a few options.

Memory Foam

One of the most popular mattress types is memory foam, and for good reason. The purpose of this particular variety of polyurethane foam is to cradle and support the human body while it sleeps.

Memory foam is adaptable and contouring enough for futon mattresses to bend with tri-fold and bi-fold designs. However, if you plan to use your futon as a sofa, be aware that memory foam has a tendency to change shape to conform to your body. As a result, it may compress more than you would like. This problem should be at least somewhat mitigated by firmer memory foams.

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Latex Foam

Natural latex maintains its shape a little better and contours a little less than memory foam. For this reason, it might function as a superior futon mattress substitute to memory foam. When your futon is folded into a sofa, a latex mattress will offer a more responsive sitting surface in addition to a comfortable sleeping surface.

Additionally, latex foam is a great material for those who are allergic to synthetic allergens.


Many people believe that hybrid mattresses won’t work well for a futon because they contain coils. Hybrid mattresses, in contrast to innerspring mattresses, have a pocketed coil support core that is adaptable enough to bend with adjustable bases and futons alike. Innerspring mattresses, on the other hand, frequently have a rigid open coil support system.

Because they’re supportive and comfortable, hybrids make a good futon option. Gravity is a factor to be aware of, though. If you intend to keep your futon folded for the majority of the time, you might want to think about choosing a mattress without coils because the gravity pull on a hybrid mattress’s upwardly bent portion could cause the coil system to sag. 

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Benefits of Futons

There are numerous benefits to purchasing a futon for your home. A futon provides your visitors with a comfortable place to sleep if you frequently have visitors or family over. You don’t need to worry about running out of space or having enough sleeping space for your visitors because futons don’t take up a lot of it.

Futon beds are lightweight and simple to assemble, making them convenient for moving around when rearranging your furniture. A futon mattress can be purchased for less money and with less hassle than buying a bed frame, foundation, and additional mattress for a guest room.

However, keep in mind that when it comes to futons and futon frames, you get what you pay for. Don’t be shocked if you or your visitors find a cheap or subpar futon bed uncomfortable. If you intend to use your futon bed frequently, spend the extra money on one that is supportive and of high quality, or simply purchase a mattress.

Types of Futons

There are three different kinds of futons available. Every type of futon performs a sofa role a little bit differently and transforms into a bed in a unique way. Here’s a brief overview of each type of futon:

  • Bi-Fold:A bi-fold futon can seat three to four people when used as a sofa. Simply raise it back to a flat position to use it as a bed.
  • Tri-Fold:While a tri-fold futon frame can be used as a couch, it can only accommodate 2-3 people. Some tri-fold futons are made of two pieces: a main seating or bench section and a footrest section in the ottoman style. Recliner back to horizontal for nighttime use.
  • Loveseat:Futons for loveseats can be used for sleeping, watching TV, and relaxing. Three people can comfortably sit on a futon of this style. Open your loveseat and adjust the top position when you’re ready for bed.

Types of Futon Frames

Futon frames are typically made of wood or metal. Your frame’s strength and the amount of support it offers to your futon bed are both greatly influenced by the material it is made of.

  • Metal:Typically, black or silver metal futon frames are used. To better match your current decor, they can be painted. This particular style of futon frame is renowned for both its dependability and low cost.
  • Wood:Make sure to buy a wooden frame for your futon mattress that is made of hardwood, not softwood. The majority of beds cannot be supported or made out of softwood. Your room will look more natural and rustic with a wooden frame.
  • Plywood:For those who don’t want to pay the sometimes higher price that goes with a wooden futon frame, there is a less expensive option available. Remember that plywood is a less reliable and less long-lasting choice for a futon frame.

Different Types of Futon Mattresses

You can’t pair just any mattress type with your futon bed. You require a mattress that is both resilient and adaptable. Cotton mattresses are frequently paired with futons, but they are frequently too thin and unsupportive for a sound night’s sleep. We advise choosing a memory foam or innerspring mattress instead.

  • Memory Foam:Memory foam mattresses are durable and flexible enough to pair perfectly with your futon bed and frame. Body-hugging support is offered by this kind of mattress to users. For people with allergies or sensitive skin, memory foam mattresses are ideal.
  • Innerspring:The springs and coils of innerspring mattresses provide you with a bouncy feeling. Your mattress’s comfort level will increase with the number of springs. Choose stress-relieving springs whenever you can because they relieve your body’s tension and help with sore muscles.

Sheets for Your Futon Mattress

Any mattress’s sheets should primarily be there to make sleeping comfortable. For your futon mattress, the same is true. You can stay cooler and have a cozier sleeping environment by adding futon sheets. In addition, sheets shield and clean your mattress.

Keep the size of your mattress in mind when selecting sheets for your futon mattress. To ensure a perfect fit, you must buy sheets in the right size. It’s possible to avoid dealing with sheet slipping or bunching by purchasing fitted sheets with deep or extra-deep pockets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Futon and Bed Sizes the Same?

In general, yes. The dimensions of a queen futon mattress match those of a queen bed frame mattress.

Can I Use a Futon as My Main Bed?

In most cases, the ability to be used with a futon frame takes precedence over comfort and support. That said, some high-end futon mattresses can definitely be used as a daily sleeper, but you should be careful and do your research.

Where Can I Buy a Futon Mattress?

The best place to buy a futon mattress in the modern world is online. When you purchase directly from the manufacturer, you can enjoy huge financial savings as well as the security of warranties and excellent return policies, which are common in the sleep industry.

How Do I Keep My Futon Mattress in Place?

For the purpose of holding your futon mattress in place, a good futon frame will have stoppers. However, if there is any sliding, you can purchase an aftermarket futon holder to assist.

How Should I Store a Futon Mattress?

The purpose of a futon is to fold up. The futon mattress can be kept inside a futon frame that can be folded into a couch, but if not, you should fold your mattress according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Which Futon Size is Right for You?

A futon might be a great addition to your guest or game room or a practical sleep option for a compact bedroom or apartment, depending on your needs.

Now that you are aware of the ideal futon size, why not look at the top models?

Comment below and let us know which futon size you prefer.

  • December 14, 2022